Suitability of the Title

Use this forum to discuss the December 2018 Book of the month "The Face of Fear" by RJ Torbert
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Re: Suitability of the Title

Post by yoda4ever »

I think The Face of Fear is a suitable title for a suspense story because the characters are faced with fear when kidnapped etc. It does not necessarily have to be a horror story to involve fear.

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Post by timd »

The cover makes you think that the mask is a face that inspires fear, however, a face of fear sounds to me like the face of someone who is terrified. In this respect, I feel that the cover could be a bit misleading because I think it depicts the murderer and not the victim. I think that the title is referring to the face of the victim.

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Post by inmod »

I haven't read the book but judging from the title, I would say it could be a horror story.

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Post by _Delly_01 »

Misael wrote: ↑
02 Dec 2018, 17:58
The cover makes me think the book is horror story just like the Scream series. It does not relate to the novel's story.
That's exactly what I thought when I read the title and saw the cover. It gives the vibe of being a fast-paced slasher novel.

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Post by DakotaA »

I think "The Face of Fear" is suitable for a suspense novel. However, the title and the cover together definitely feel like it should be horror.
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Post by NuelUkah »

KristyKhem wrote: ↑
01 Dec 2018, 20:58
"The Face of Fear" seems like the title of a horror story, but it is classified as a suspense novel where kidnapping and murder mystery are the main themes of the book. Do you think the title is suitable for the story? Why or why not?
The people in the area were afraid of who the murderer will kill next. The murderer remained unknown to them till later revealed in the end.
I think the title befits the story. We just have to try to figure out the author's perspective.
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Post by mamilla93 »

I thought it was a horror story too. Kind of disappointed in that regard. I know book shouldnt be judged by cover, but, I think it should be related to the story.

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Post by Morgan Jones »

I think the title is perfect for the book. However, the cover falls incredibly short.
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Post by zjacks »

I do think the title mixed with the mask on the cover give off the wrong "vibe". It seems more slasher/ghost story than a kidnapping tale.

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Post by Cotwani »

Coupled with the cover illustration, it looked like a bone-chilling horror book. I think the title was misplaced.
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Ekta Swarnkar
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Post by Ekta Swarnkar »

To me the title seems justified, I think that the word "fear" not only relates to the horror events but can also be considered connected to life or death. Or maybe the writer is playing tricky here. :roll2:

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