Suitability of the Title

Use this forum to discuss the December 2018 Book of the month "The Face of Fear" by RJ Torbert
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Suitability of the Title

Post by KristyKhem » 01 Dec 2018, 20:58

"The Face of Fear" seems like the title of a horror story, but it is classified as a suspense novel where kidnapping and murder mystery are the main themes of the book. Do you think the title is suitable for the story? Why or why not?

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Post by Sushan » 01 Dec 2018, 23:06

It is same as the cover page. It makes the reader think that this is a ghost story but later he realizes that is not so
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Laura Del
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Post by Laura Del » 01 Dec 2018, 23:08

It made me think it was horror... I don't know the whole thing is a little strange to me. I know you're not yo judge a book by its cover, but th title definitely puts in the readers head that it's a horror book.
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Post by Mely918 » 02 Dec 2018, 00:15

I think the title is misleading. I initially thought this book was a horror not just because of its title, but also because of its cover art. In my opinion, the author ought to at least come up with a better title. Perhaps a simple one word title that can draw readers in and let them know right away that this is a suspense novel.

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Post by tranquilwaters86+2 » 02 Dec 2018, 01:49

I have read the book, and I believe there is nothing wrong with the title. Fear comes in different forms. It's not only about the dead and the undead that could strike fear in a person. This book arouses a lot of feelings and fear was there from beginning to end. In my humble opinion, the title: The Face of Fear is appropriate.

The book cover I think was a strategy to draw in readers to look in.

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Post by Raja28 » 02 Dec 2018, 04:44

I feel that the title "The Face of Fear" definitely suits a suspense thriller the same way it will suit a horror story. Considering that many stories that seem like horror stories end up being suspense / mystery / thriller stories really, I find no issue with the title of this book being fit for the description.

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Ayat paarsa
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Post by Ayat paarsa » 02 Dec 2018, 06:06

Fear has no face but if it really was there any, it would be same like the face that is printed on the book cover. So I feel title is compatible with the story.
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Post by Ferdinand_otieno » 02 Dec 2018, 06:59

Based the on the plot and the flow of the characters, i would have to saw that it is indeed a suitable title.

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Post by Ursadsong » 02 Dec 2018, 09:50

I don't think it's the title that has to be judged, but the cover is what gives us that idea of a horror book. For me, the title is so suitable for this book.

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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 02 Dec 2018, 14:26

All things you have said are true according to your information and also the title is suitable for this book.

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Post by HRichards » 02 Dec 2018, 14:29

I was inclined to think the book was horror based on the cover and the title. They're both a bit misleading on their own, and together they're definitely a bit confusing for someone looking for horror.

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Post by Cardinalsparrow » 02 Dec 2018, 16:08

The title and cover page are misleading. One might think it's a horror story.

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Post by RaeReads » 02 Dec 2018, 16:59

Suitable enough for the plot as I understand it. The cover is a nother matter entirely.

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Post by Misael » 02 Dec 2018, 17:58

The cover makes me think the book is horror story just like the Scream series. It does not relate to the novel's story.

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Post by Momiji1987 » 02 Dec 2018, 23:40

Given kidnapping and abduction sounds very scary to me, the title is more than fitting in my opinion. Especially because you don’t often see the guy’s face.

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