Is something special about the author's choosing of the setting of story?

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Re: Is something special about the author's choosing of the setting of story?

Post by sszb » 05 Dec 2018, 03:55

Few reasons for this partucal setting.
Author lives near by.
He has a knowledge about the area.
He understands the local problems.
He knows ferry is not safe, so he has highlighted it in his book.
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Ayat paarsa
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Post by Ayat paarsa » 05 Dec 2018, 12:23

FictionLover wrote:
04 Dec 2018, 07:57
Ayat paarsa wrote:
03 Dec 2018, 04:00
FictionLover wrote:
02 Dec 2018, 07:54

Wow! I haven't read the whole book. Are you talking about crimes like kidnapping and murder?
Yes, I am talking about crimes like kidnapping and murder.

So, I just had to look this up. I grew up on Long Island, about 30 minutes from Port Jefferson, and never heard any such thing about it being so dangerous.

According to a few websites, that is not true. One says Port Jefferson is safer than 55% of US cities. I went to 5 sites and they all list Vandalism, Assault and Theft as the most frequent crimes this year. No kidnapping or murder at all.

So, I guess that fiction is fiction.

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Good to listen that you grew up in Long Island and you find it safe. I just shared that reviewer's opinion "I live in Connecticut and don't like to go there because of......" Otherwise anybody can understand that fiction is fiction, and crime is crime too, it can be done anytime, anywhere. :)
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Post by Ever_Reading » 05 Dec 2018, 12:50

The author knows a lot about Port Jefferson, it's quite clear in his writing. What is also clear is his love and respect for the history of the village. At first, I found it interesting. However, it soon started to sound like a tourist guide, which irritated me a bit and slowed the story's pace. So, I think his vast knowledge made it easy for him to place the events of the story.
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M Zee
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Post by M Zee » 05 Dec 2018, 22:13

Basically the author chose a familiar place for the setting. I don’t think it had any more significance (since there are several places on both coasts that have ferries).

It’s really weird to call that area a high kidnapping/murder area, though.
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Post by Vickie Noel » 06 Dec 2018, 07:17

It wouldn't b surprising if the author used Port Jefferson as the backdrop for his story since he lived close by; it's a lot easier to construct a story when one has sufficient background information. Nothing trumps "close to home."
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Post by daydreaming reader » 06 Dec 2018, 16:48

The 'About the Author' section in the book says he lives not far from where the story is set, so perhaps it is for convenience.
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Post by Katherine Smith » 07 Dec 2018, 14:22

I think that the old adage of write what you know applies here. I think that the author chose Port Jefferson because he lived there and could easily put the setting into his story. If the author had the worry about researching the setting and creating an entire plot would have been more difficult to pull off.
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Post by sarahmarlowe » Yesterday, 12:10

I think the author made a good decision by choosing a setting he is familiar with. He could picture the actions and effects of his plot and possibly use his knowledge to lead him to the next step.
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Post by Amy+++ » Yesterday, 12:34

I feel that it is both. The author knows the area well and is able to bring it to life through their writing, taking us all somewhere that we have never been.

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