Would "The Face of Fear" make a good movie?

Use this forum to discuss the December 2018 Book of the month "The Face of Fear" by RJ Torbert
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Samy Lax
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Re: Would "The Face of Fear" make a good movie?

Post by Samy Lax » 02 Dec 2018, 23:50

You're right. It will make for a wonderful movie. The plot is commendably gripping.
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Post by sszb » 03 Dec 2018, 00:52

I can't read horror, thriller and suspense books, but enjoys watching movies. As I read the book’s sample I find it captivating. I hope I get to see it's a movie adaptation. In fact I am waiting for it. 💐💐
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Post by jhalwix » 03 Dec 2018, 10:59

I think that with the plot being close to the Taken movies, it would come off as a knockoff. In order to be taken seriously, the movie would have to be something special and different.
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Post by Cecilia_L » 03 Dec 2018, 12:30

I agree that it has the right elements for the makings of a good movie, however, it also reminds me of "Taken."

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Post by Rosebella » 03 Dec 2018, 13:13

Yes. It would make a good movie. The storyline is intriguing.

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Post by Bukari » 03 Dec 2018, 14:50

As for this particular topic, I am pessimistic it would make a good movie because, without the main body which comprises of the characters and the intriguing themes, it would not be possible. The cover art alone is not even going to be displayed on a monitor for more than a minute.
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Post by Kajori50 » 04 Dec 2018, 08:52

This novel definitely has the premise suitable for a movie. Though, it can be a bit similar to the movie 'Taken', as said by many.

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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ » 04 Dec 2018, 09:58

I think it is going to make an amazing movie. I am still not sure but I think I should at least read it!

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Post by vinkipc » 04 Dec 2018, 11:41

Sure this book has a potential of being adopted into a movie. The murder mysteries in this book are great thus they can be captivating.

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Post by PlanetHauth » 04 Dec 2018, 12:13

Mely918 wrote:
02 Dec 2018, 00:13
I think the plot has potential for a good movie adaptation. However, reading a simple plot synopsis like that automatically makes me think of the movie "Taken." I think that as long as it's done originally and doesn't come off as a "Taken" knock-off, it could make an incredibly good movie.
I thought the exact same thing after reading the oversimplified plot synopsis. However, if handled correctly, I'd imagine this book could make a great movie. It would just need to take care to be original.
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Post by Isaiah2018 » 04 Dec 2018, 12:37

Surely I would wish that book could be turned into a video so that we can see the fugitive mystery of the book

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Post by Amy+++ » 04 Dec 2018, 15:38

From what I read so far the book would make a great horror movie. I was scared a little of the cover but it also pulled me in. I think as a movie it would do the same.

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Post by mtsnel006 » 04 Dec 2018, 17:36

It would definitely make a great action suspense! It's funny how I always envisioned this book as a movie while I was reading it. It automatically qualified for a movie set to me.
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M Zee
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Post by M Zee » 04 Dec 2018, 22:02

I don't know. The synopsis sounds a lot like Taken and other very similar films? It could be interesting if they were able to set it apart from those!
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Post by Ever_Reading » 05 Dec 2018, 13:00

In my opinion, no. I think it would probably be better off as a TV drama series or something similar. The story is pretty drawn out and has quite a few characters involved. It would be hard to fit its plot into a couple of hours unless a large chunk of the details is left out.
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