Who is the target audience?

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Re: Who is the target audience?

Post by T_stone » 14 Nov 2018, 09:35

I think it's meant for people seeking a headway in life; those that need encouragement; those that are downcast: anyone that wants to better his or life.
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Rob White

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Post by raqstar1 » 14 Nov 2018, 12:40

I think the target audience would be people who are willing to analyze their problems and accept responsibility. I think the place where he talks about over-thinkers is more to say that you need to let some things go and not continually live in the past - or make a decision and move on.
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Post by fernsmom » 15 Nov 2018, 00:11

You bring up a valid point (The author states that the book is, "not for everyone - but it is for you!"). Which is it?
Maybe they aren't 100% sure who will want to read or who the book is written for and is just covering all bases?
As with most if not all self-help books, just reading it won't get the intended result. You have to actively do what is suggested in the book to get any benefit. Which is the hard part.

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Post by gfowle » 15 Nov 2018, 11:34

Jsovermyer wrote:
05 Nov 2018, 06:29
There is a great market out there for books that claim to make you happy, more succesful, and more time efficient. Everyone wants an easy way to make their life better. I think the author is hoping to sell this book to as many people as he can.
I definitely agree with this. The target audience is anyone who is willing to read the book, and whether it will help them or not is a different question.

Rodrigo Niguez
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Post by Rodrigo Niguez » 15 Nov 2018, 23:20

This novel is a great book for all persons. Of course all of us needs some little inspiration to keep us moving in our various endeavours However, I think it specifically targeted persons going through something in their life.

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Post by Ever_Reading » 16 Nov 2018, 01:02

a9436 wrote:
05 Nov 2018, 04:14
The author states that the book is, "not for everyone - but it is for you!" Yet, earlier pages tell me that as an, "overthinker," the advice is not likely to help me. Personally I find this contradictory, which in my opinion makes the author a little less credible. Perhaps the author is assuming that, "overthinkers," will have already put down the book, or perhaps it means that the book will help me, even if I do not believe it.
I found it a bit odd that he made those statements. It's almost as if he wants you to feel as though you have a higher level of consciousness than those who wouldn't like or understand his way of thinking. But maybe I am already overthinking the statement as it is. :lol2:

Anyway, I think like most authors of self-help books he is probably hoping to reach readers who will be willing to take all that he says as law and true and not think too much about it. I mean, why else would he single out "overthinkers" as those this book would probably not help?
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Post by Theresam » 16 Nov 2018, 03:55

I think the target audience is people who aren’t satisfied with where they are in their lives and want to make a change

charity muthoka
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Post by charity muthoka » 16 Nov 2018, 11:12

Sometimes we need a bit of advice in our life.Therefore i think that this book is for both the young and the rest of the people who are ready to receive advice from any source and are willing to be successful in life.

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Post by Daisy May » 16 Nov 2018, 12:44

I think the target audience is people who want to make a change, but for whatever reason, haven't taken action yet and are looking for direction. I think the book gives some direction, but I think readers could get more from it if there had been more concrete examples of how positive thinking has changed the author's life. Positive thinking can change everything, but if the book focuses on changing everything, the reader might get overwhelmed and not change anything.

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Post by Amy+++ » 16 Nov 2018, 16:33

In my opinion, the title catches your eye and makes you think. Maybe I need to change? If your eyes weren't caught by the title you would not have considered picking up the book in the first place. The target audience is anyone who knows or wants to change. I think the title does that by drawing you in and making you think. I don't know how else to explain it. Great topic choice!

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Post by kwame1977 » 19 Nov 2018, 02:06

Readers who may not like the book may harm to themselves before realizing it. Due to the statement that the book is not for everyone.

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Post by Anju_9 » 19 Nov 2018, 13:35

I think he is trying to get as many audiences to read as possible. A lot of people want an easy life. Maybe the author thinks that he can help those in need by writing this book.

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Post by StarkidStarling » 20 Nov 2018, 16:08

I think the intended audience is people who want to and are able to change their own lives, not necessarily those who are more a victim of their circumstances.

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Post by Ksharmilla » 22 Nov 2018, 13:27

I feel like the target audience is persons who constantly make excuses for not transforming their lives, or people with a narrow view of the world, people who are constantly negative. This can be a good book for people who has never read self-help books because it has that no-nonsense approach.
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Mazy Johnson
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Post by Mazy Johnson » 22 Nov 2018, 19:56

Well the target audience are everyone who wants to succeed or the one's who wants to know their purpose in living it's a great book for inspiration.

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