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Use this forum to discuss the November Book of the month "If life stinks get your head outta your buts" by Mark L. Wdowiak
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Personal stories

Post by Alicia09 » 03 Nov 2018, 17:24

In this book, Mark shared a lot of personal stories of times when he made mistakes in his life. My favorite personal story was of the time he lent a friend money, only to find his friend driving a brand new car later on that same year. I liked this story because it was a good example of what happens when we try to go out of our way to help others. Others may try to take advantage of us, and it is important to keep that in mind. What was your favorite personal story?

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Post by Jsovermyer » 04 Nov 2018, 21:54

A story that really left me with questions was near the front of the book. His successful friend tells him that to be successful you must associate with successful people. I question if this is good advice.

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Post by Fatima_Palacios » 04 Nov 2018, 22:07

I think my favorite is also the one about the money because many times we think people is desperate when they ask us for something and more often than not they are not so we need to prioritize and realize if we can afford to help or not. Helping others does not mean putting yourself in disadvantage and most of the time we forget that.
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Post by Vlinstry » 05 Nov 2018, 05:22

My favourite is the one about lending his friend money too because I can really relate to that. I try to help people as much as possible but it doesn't always work out for me and sometimes I am let down by the people I am helping. So I can really relate to that one.

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Post by MKRichards » 06 Nov 2018, 14:42

I liked quite a few of the anecdotes involving the author's father. Particularly the one about the choice not to help with the money to buy a car!

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Post by chelhack » 06 Nov 2018, 21:03

I as well think that is a good story which seems to be directed towards me or things that are still going on in my personal life. Though, I still have not succeeded in stop helping people even when it put me in a hard or tight spot.
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Post by Power Onyango » 06 Nov 2018, 22:29

I was awed by the author's reference that the only way to success is by surrounding yourself with suceessful people. Actually, I wonder if success can be achieved that way.

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Post by HollandBlue » 08 Nov 2018, 11:36

I liked Wdowiak's point that "to create positive changes in your life, you must open yourself up-and remain open-to the possibility of new and alternative ways of thinking". I think close-minded people really limit their own potential.
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Post by acremer » 11 Nov 2018, 00:14

The personal story that I liked the best was the story about when he was talking to his mentor and he told him that he would try to complete an assignment. His mentor replied with try to pick up this pen and told him how "trying" meant that you were not fully invested in getting something done. I thought that was a really cool way to think about things and it changed my mindset on trying.

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Post by Kister Bless » 11 Nov 2018, 01:20

The personal story I loved was where Mark lend his friend money only to find out later in the same year that his friend was driving a brand new car. This portrays a true picture of what we face in life. Most are times we go out of our way just to help our friends but later they take us for granted. They take our kindness for weakness.

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Post by Radiant3 » 13 Nov 2018, 11:54

One personal story that stood out to me was when Mark wanted to buy the 1956 VW bug, but he didn't have sufficient money. He learned an important lesson, that he must be "committed, able, willing, and prepared " so when an opportunity presents itself, he would be in a position to take advantage of it.

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Post by piecesfallapart » 13 Nov 2018, 13:24

I have issues with the fact that he claims that in order to be successful, you have to surround yourself with successful people. While I get why he said it, you cannot have a business if you do not surround yourself with people that can pay for your product or services, or you cannot grow as a business person if you do not get your work out there, there are many definitions of success.
I believe that it is more important to surround yourself with people that help you grow (both in your personal and your professional life) than with "successful people".

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Post by Sunday diamond » 13 Nov 2018, 16:27

I've not read the book yet. Seeing all these topics posted concerning this book, has caused me to develope interest. So I'll be glad to have this book for my next review.

David Koreas
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Post by David Koreas » 13 Nov 2018, 21:13

The book has nice captivating stories. First the manner in which the author defined human insanity and went forth to explain it was eye catching.

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Post by Ever_Reading » 14 Nov 2018, 10:51

I liked the one where his friends wanted him to go away with them for a few days but then ended canceling the outing after he pulled out. There have been times I have also allowed peer pressure to get me to do stuff I didn't want to do. But, like Mark, I think I am getting better at saying no.
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