What about Sophie?

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Re: What about Sophie?

Post by asere_maryanne » 27 Oct 2018, 12:29

Sophie was still young and she had no friend after the death of her best friend, and she was the one trying hard to hold the family together. Being in her position, she saw Paige as the only shoulder she could lean on.

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Post by Radiant3 » 27 Oct 2018, 17:27

Sophie loved her father, she may not have agreed with what he did but she still loved him and I think that love grew stronger towards the end of the book. At a difficult time in her life, Paige was a good friend towards Sophie. Although Paige had ulterior motives in terms of the book , she genuinely cared for Sophie and provided a source of support. This is probably why the friendship continued and grew despite their difference in feelings towards Hiram.

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Post by HollandBlue » 30 Oct 2018, 13:15

I think Sophie was a vulnerable character looking for acceptance. I also think Paige used her to get information on her father.
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Post by ShailaSheshadri » 02 Nov 2018, 08:47

Sophie is an admirable character. She suffered a lot in life. She was fond of her father and her siblings. She tried to protect her father all the while, especially when he ran from place to place in disguise. She helped Penny when she was in trouble. Though Paige was her friend, Sophie didn't trust her fully. She felt Paige was trying to extract information about her father. So, she didn't disclose it to Paige. Sophie is portrayed as a sympathetic, friendly, and caring woman. She comforted Jeremy when he was struggling for life. She guided Billy when needed.

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Post by somersas13 » 03 Nov 2018, 11:48

Sophie also seemed easily manipulated by those around her, even though she was a strong character in a lot of ways. I struggled with Paige being her friend, but also working with investigators to get him apprehended, mainly so she could interview him and bring closure to her own work. I really wanted to see Sophie find happiness independent of anyone's influence and that never really seemed to happen. Even at the end, she is able to get a new job opportunity, but it is because of her relationship with the editor. I felt like Sophie needed to have her own self-discovery adventure like Hiram had, but without the shoot out at the end.

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Post by cristinaro » 09 Nov 2018, 09:48

Honestly, I had some trouble understanding Sophie's relationship with Paige. It could be only another attempt to understand her father and an expression of her conflicting feelings for him.
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Post by Harley-Panda » 11 Nov 2018, 11:08

Sophie was definitely in a difficult position through much of the story. I think she knew when Hiram told her to leave Jeremy's hospital room that something wasn't right, and then having to go through a trial which would decide her father's fate would have been devastating. I think she was right to not trust Paige 100% and to not give her fathers whereabouts, as she was working with Max and it probably would have resulted in his capture.
Potentially, though, had Max not been in the picture Sophie may have been able to sort out Hiram's notes for the biography which may have led to him being acquitted through the new evidence. I guess we'll never know.
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Post by C-Extra22 » 18 Nov 2018, 04:46

I think Sophie had to choose between family and friendship. She chose wisely at the end.

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Post by Ekta Kumari » 08 Dec 2018, 11:01

I think throughout the book, Sophie is a character who had to face constant struggles. When it came to her love relationships, her work life, her relationship with her father, her affection and care for Shrishti. She was always faced with choices, but she was mature enough, and did handle herself well. She is one female character in the book, which is sympathetic as well as likable and realistic. In fact, all the characters are realistic and paid attention to by the author.
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Post by Shalu1707 » 10 Dec 2018, 11:21

Sophie was strong but had her weak moments too, which were more often. She wanted to help her father and tried to find a publisher for his memoir, But with Sophie she was clear that her friendship was just an excuse to reach her father, that's why she avoided telling paige that Hiram contacts her regularly.

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Post by Theresam » 15 Dec 2018, 01:22

I liked the character of Sophie but she did seem moist and dependent on other people.

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Post by Moray_001 » 31 Dec 2018, 06:42

At first, Sophie wanted to help bring her father to face the consequences of his actions but her resolve wavered as she began to see a new aspect of him and analyze his actions by the day.

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