Physician Assisted Suicide

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Re: Physician Assisted Suicide

Post by acremer » 24 Oct 2018, 17:53

I think that physician assisted suicide is a very controversial topic. If done for the right reasons, for example someone dying of cancer, I can see where the benefits would entail. However, I feel that McDowell completed this act for all the wrong reasons. He did not do this to help his grandson, however, he did this out of anger at what he had done and what he had put others through (ironic since McDowell isn't really a saint). I guess you could say that since his grandson had attempted suicide and failed that he was completing his destiny for him, but I feel that he still did it for the wrong reasons, and while I sympathize with him, and agree with his anger, I cannot stand behind his decision on killing his grandson.

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fredrick otieno
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Post by fredrick otieno » 25 Oct 2018, 02:34

Sometimes watching someone live in pain is worse and more painful than killing them. And the thought of mercy killing seems to be a better option

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Post by Lunastella » 25 Oct 2018, 19:34

CommMayo wrote:
02 Oct 2018, 09:17
Sahani Nimandra wrote:
02 Oct 2018, 00:17
Life wasn't something that was given freely and we aren't eligible to take it away as well. Committing euthanasia is a crime worth punishing with death. No matter what his intentions were taking away a person's life is unacceptable.
Am I the only person who sees the complete irony in this statement?
No, you're not. I totally respect Sahani, and she's been nothing but lovely to me, but I have to agree with you on this one. However, maybe we misunderstood her comment?

Farida Bali
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Post by Farida Bali » 25 Oct 2018, 22:34

My problem with McDowell killing Jeremy is that it was not an act of mercy, he did it because he hated Jeremy for destroying his family and reputation.

Onyinye Excel
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Post by Onyinye Excel » 26 Oct 2018, 09:43

HIs experiences didn't change my preconceived notions about euthanasia. It only made me see things from his perspective and understand why he did what he did.I still disagree with his view about physicIan asisted suicide.Everyone has a right to life no matter how little the chance is.

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Post by taltis37 » 27 Oct 2018, 15:48

Euthanasia is definitely a controversial topic. If a person wishes to end their suffering, who are we to decide what they can and cannot do? I would choose physician assisted suicide if the quality of my life was a burden to myself or someone else. Also, how is euthanasia for humans not okay, but it is okay for animals? Is it fair to not allow a human that choice? There are many questions, but I think the answers depend on the person who has to make that decision.

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Post by BriennaiJ » 27 Oct 2018, 18:44

I think that assisted suicide should definitely be an option, but it shouldn't be the doctor's decision.There would be very few situations where I would say that the doctor/ or legal guardians of the person should be allowed to make the decision.

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Post by A_Wolfe » 28 Oct 2018, 15:26

A very interesting topic it seems, for everyone here. Especially within the context of McDowell!

Physician Assisted Suicide presents a lot of geometrically conflicting issues, socially and personally.

I can't say the reasoning behind McDowell's decision was in err, but I would have to be concerned with his motivations of often providing an "Occam's Razor" approach to solving issues. If it's the easiest way to get something done and over with, Hiram will often endorse that choice (i.e, Tasha + Billie) so as to not make more trouble.

P.A.S. has its benefits on the grieving process and the patient alike, but McDowell doesn't seem genuine enough for that to be a sufficient answer. I'd need to reflect on these comments on here some more. Very thought provoking!

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stacie k
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Post by stacie k » 29 Oct 2018, 17:53

jesdav16 wrote:
11 Oct 2018, 14:35
I am totally against suicide in any form. I strongly believe that once there is still life, there is hope.
I am in agreement here. Such a controversial question requires one to examine their beliefs. As for me, I believe that God loves me and has each of my days numbered. Neither I nor my doctor should take the decision out of God's hands.
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Post by k2kelliher » 29 Oct 2018, 18:41

I think it is odd that we are able to put animals down when their suffering is so bad that they are in pain and won't recover. I think it is odd because we don't allow this same kindness to our own.

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Post by Nephyz+254 » 30 Oct 2018, 06:59

Personally I don,t believe that euthanasia is worth even a faintest reason to be practiced. He is only God who gives life and only Him can take it away. Why assist Him in His job? I think anybody who participate in any assisted suicide is a murder and should be incarcerated just like they did to Hiram.

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Post by 1414kings » 30 Oct 2018, 14:55

Euthanasia is a very bad thing to admire. Helping someone to terminate life? No!!!

The soul I can not create, I must not take It, no matter how terrible the situation is. Let us surrender it to God

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Post by Browlyns » 30 Oct 2018, 15:32

Voluntary euthanasia!!! That's suicide. Why should someone take his own life you didn't give to yourself in the first place. I believe life should be left to take its own course,euthanasia is wrong.

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Post by Jsovermyer » 30 Oct 2018, 20:24

Euthanasia is a personal issue. You don't know what a person is going through or how they feel. It should be their choice.

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Post by Sirlimu01 » 30 Oct 2018, 23:35

I know life shoul not ae tampered with any how. Therefore suicide in approach is not reasonable. McDowell view here is not aprecable. Though Hiram aids in the killing of Jeremy the act look provoking. I don't agree with physician assisted suicide.

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