Will you read the second book?

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Re: Will you read the second book?

Post by Theresam »

Since I read the first book I will probably read the second book. I am not a romance novel fan though and I would have liked to see more about the Roman and Celtic conflict or the supernatural themes. It seemed once the romance became part of the story it became the central story

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Post by ochiengjr01 »

Definitely wish to read the second book to find out how it goes. The first book has been very interesting as i was reading through.

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Post by CBCollinsReview »

While I found the first installment to be enjoyable, it was far too slow paced for me to want to read the second and third books. Of course, I primarily read horror and thrillers, so this may be why I did not find the book as enjoyable as most.

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Post by LikoLovesBooks »

AliceofX wrote:
31 Aug 2018, 23:52
It’s not out yet, but are you anxiously awaiting for it already, or did Apollo's Raven create no interest in you for the rest of the series?
You can buy the second book now on Amazon. It's called Dagger's Destiny and you can get it for $4.99. I want to read it because I feel like I need to know what will happen between Marcellus and Catrin. I feel so bad for their relationship and I ship them!

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Post by Arup343 »

Of course! No doubt in that. The first part has amused me a lot! Really eager to read the second book.

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Post by rubinelli »

I'm probably not going to read the second book. I didn't really connect with any of the characters and the complex plot and political schemes bored me. Although, if more side characters are given more characterization, like Vala and Decimus, I will totally read it. Just for them.

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Post by Tobiasblackwell »

I thought it was quite bland at times but it has an overall interesting concept. So, why not?

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Post by Mariette15 »

I do want to read it as I am anticipating what will happen!

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Post by steigerd »

No, I will not be reading the second book. I definitely did not connect with the first book. It was about a period of history I enjoy, but I could not develop an interest in the story.

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Post by mamilla93 »

I may not be anxiously waiting for its release, but I will definitely read it

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Post by amjohnson13mommy »

It depends if the second book is a continuation of the first or not. As I have found that the second story is not always a continuation of the first, just similar topic.

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Post by Essie_Reviews »

CommMayo wrote:
01 Sep 2018, 11:08
This book was a bit of a chore for me to get through. I was so unsatisfied by the conclusion of the first book that I don't think I'll be reading any more by this author. I could never really connect with the characters.

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Post by KCWolf »

I definitely will read the next book, and look forward to doing so. It will have to be on a back burner for now though, as my "Must read list" is HUGE!
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Post by SavannaEGoth »

HECK YES I WOULD. Being a Celt myself, it's so friggin' difficult to just find fantasy books or really anything relating to the Celts specifically. I adore mythology and legends spanning from all over the world relating to deities, spirits, and beasts. I'd read an entire series if it was engaging and well-written, to be perfectly honest.
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Post by Taylor Barraclough »

I'd say yes, I would be interested to read the next book. Although some of the passages were tedious I'm interested to see what will happen to Cat. I'd like to see how her powers grow since we really only saw a glimpse of what she can do. I just hope there's a bit more action in the next book.

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