Is suicide a viable option for Agent Sliver?

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Olatunde Baptist
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Re: Is suicide a viable option for Agent Sliver?

Post by Olatunde Baptist » 26 Sep 2018, 21:09

Suicide is never an Option for anyone

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Post by Wa_hu » 01 Oct 2018, 03:10

Suicide is never a viable option. He did take a lot of lives but there is so much good he can contribute when he is in full control of his faculties.

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Post by Aghajames07 » 02 Oct 2018, 00:25

Behaving as if u know tomorrow is the worst mistake in life, who knows what would happened if he dint murder him self, what he might take as burden might just be easy in the site of nature ,suicide is neva the best option

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Post by stalliongirlke » 02 Oct 2018, 06:16

While there are many factors that could push a person to commit suicide, I've never seen it as a viable option, instead i see it as an unfortunate las resort

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Post by bluegreenmarina » 02 Oct 2018, 15:33

Suicide is a very personal choice and based on this particular personality I do not think it would be an option that should go beyond contemplation... it is an act of someone who feels utter hopelessness and I don’t believe that is the case in this situation.

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Post by SammiArch » 04 Oct 2018, 14:25

Suicide is never the right choice. And should never be an option. Despite the past, or wrongdoings, any one can start over, or at least accept responsibility n live with the consequences.
Sammi Arch

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Post by koechcollins50 » 09 Oct 2018, 03:47

Suicide is never an option for any human being even if the situation is extremely at your neck and you feel you cannot take it anymore. Though he was a murderer himself at the past Agent Silver should not commit suicide, he should look for better was to improve other peoples life.

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Joshua Ogutu
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Post by Joshua Ogutu » 13 Oct 2018, 03:48

Suicide is never an option for most people and so I think that Silver should not have it as an option.

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Post by Jacci » 31 Oct 2018, 21:52

No, we have no rights to take ourlives. Life is a gift from God and must live according to His will to avoid such distractions.

Bavithra M
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Post by Bavithra M » 01 Nov 2018, 04:13

I dont think suicide can be a solution for any problem , so in my opinion suicide is not a viable option for Silver.
Bavithra M

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Post by acremer » 07 Nov 2018, 19:12

I guess suicide is a viable option for anyone. I get why he thinks that that is his only option to rid the world of the monster he is. However, I am glad that he decided that he too can be free and live how he wants, without violence.

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