SPOILER ALERT: The Reclamation

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Re: SPOILER ALERT: The Reclamation

Post by abbiejoice » 29 Aug 2018, 20:18

I have heard of these real life projects as well as those techniques practiced during war, and they seem to be even more horrific than those in science fiction! The human mind should not be meddled with as we don't have sufficient knowledge of the consequences.

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Post by Cecilia_L » 29 Aug 2018, 23:38

I was also reminded of the twin experiments during the Holocaust. Very disturbing to consider.

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Post by DC Brown » 04 Sep 2018, 12:30

Actually, I didn't want to pay that much attention to that small part of the story. Man's inhumanity to man should never go underestimated. The list is way too long of things done in the name of science, or truth, or whatever is the buzzword at the time. Think Genghis Khan, the Inquisition, the Tuskegee experiment, the Salem witch hunt, and the plethora of others that are not as renowned as the Holocaust.
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Post by Shalomsamuels1 » 16 Sep 2018, 20:15

I'm not sure how subtle it was. It is kind of a cliche, especially in science fiction, recent example, Stranger Things.

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Post by liftedbooks » 28 Sep 2018, 00:09

Well based on the information you provided, it does appear the two have some similarities. I must admit that it is my first time to ever hear of these real-life experiments. In books in movies it can come across as entertaining, but to think that this ever really happened baffles my mind. It is inhumane.

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Post by Ravinder+Kaur » 28 Sep 2018, 11:11

Cher432 wrote:
25 Aug 2018, 12:59
If you want humans to commit certain atrocities, you have to completely rewrite their world view. This, I think is the aim of methods such as torture and hypnosis. Though I have never heard of said project above, it certainly bears some similarities to what happened to agent silver.
Very true. Humans have to be brainwashed or hypnotized to commit atrocities on fellow beings, which Sliver also must've undergone.

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Post by Wa_hu » 01 Oct 2018, 03:06

Yes, just recently I read on MK ULTRA and the incidences are eerily similar. It is kind of scary.

charity muthoka
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Post by charity muthoka » 12 Nov 2018, 13:04

These experiments sound horrific simply because have never heard of such sort of experiments being carried out.Anyway I thank you so much for that review.

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