On Office Sexual Harassment

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Re: On Office Sexual Harassment

Post by mubson1992 » 06 Jul 2018, 00:43

Sushan wrote:
09 Jun 2018, 07:06
Anywhere when your career is at stake, there is a way that any reasonable, sensible soul with common sense will act. I think that is the case here as well rather than her weakness
so what do you think will be the first way to go about situations like this

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Kelvin Osemudiamen
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Post by Kelvin Osemudiamen » 06 Jul 2018, 02:43

To me public or office harassment is a big time offence to somebody isn't really nice to stuck women who is not your wife or girl, there was this girl I knew her boss always harass her in the office threatening her that she we lose her job if she refused to summit's to his sexual proposal, well I think the people with such nonsense should brought to book and throw behind bass.

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Post by kellywest » 06 Jul 2018, 02:54

Meanwhile,I have'nt read the book but nevertheless,I think it is not easy to just ignore sexual harassment especially if it's from a person who can destroy your career and future.

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Post by Lunastella » 06 Jul 2018, 06:59

DeeA wrote:
05 Jul 2018, 20:39
Lunastella wrote:
09 Jun 2018, 07:27
I´ve been in this situation. Well, I´m not an art historian but in a "he can make or break your career" and my livelihood depended on the job, and it´s very hard to totally put your foot down, even with all the feelings of disgust and all the red flags. I think Angela acted very humanly, which gives major points to the author in my opinion because it´s a very delicate topic to handle.
I agree with this fear for the loss of your source of survival can force one to keep quiet in such situations, no matter how disgusted you may feel about it.
Yes, it´s really hard to make a "right" choice in this situation. And that´s exactly what some people, men, in this case, take advantage of. They know you depend on them to make a living and they prey on that.

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Post by juliecsa » 06 Jul 2018, 09:13

I believe it is a measure of strength. It is so difficult to put up with sexual harassment day after day, and choosing to do so to protect one's career is not an easy decision. You must continue to endure every day, instead of getting out of the situation. (This is not to say that putting oneself first instead of one's career isn't strong either.)

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Post by CommMayo » 06 Jul 2018, 09:27

I was sexually assaulted by a coworker and I had to see him every day until I left that job. People who ask why women don't come forward about this kind of thing really have no idea what it is like to be in that position.

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Post by samical6 » 06 Jul 2018, 23:38

katiesquilts wrote:
09 Jun 2018, 03:14
This is definitely a valid and relevant question, considering the recent events with #MeToo and the Nobel Prize scandal.
I wish I could say that Angela should have just put her foot down and pushed back, as that's what I've done before. However, in my case, the man was at the same level as me in the company and trying to play it off as a joke, but I told him flat out that I'd talk to HR if his behavior continued. He was scared for his job after that and couldn't even look at me in the face, but since Scordato's in a much higher position than Angela, I doubt that would work...
There is not always an option for push back. It's a very scary issue we hope to never be faced with but it's very common. Women sit in silence. I did.

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Post by Ibeh12 » 07 Jul 2018, 03:06

Sexual harassment is a social menace and for it to occur in an office setting makes it worse. I liked how the author handled the situation.

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Post by Bukari » 07 Jul 2018, 13:52

As for humanity, there are always obstacles on our ways, and we should be prepared to face them without any fear. The matter of sexual harassment or abuse in offices is not something that is strange, and I think there are right channels that we can follow to fight the (disease).
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Post by K_sacular » 08 Jul 2018, 18:36

I felt the struggle. It was really hard to decide what's the best thing to do if that happens to me also.

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Post by CinWin » 08 Jul 2018, 21:22

Everyone does what they have to do in this life. It is not up to me to be the judge. In as far as writing that part into the book, it would not have had the same outcome in the story-line if she quits before the abuse starts in earnest. Then where would the plot go? It just would not be the same book... in my humble opinion.
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Post by chupke07 » 09 Jul 2018, 08:56

It is such a difficult situation to deal with. You want to just say you should leave, it makes you uncomfortable so who cares about the consequences, but that can be so difficult when the person harassing you is someone who can literally make or break the rest of your career.

Everyone handles this situation differently and I feel like it was handled realistically and well in the book.

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Cara Van Heerden
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Post by Cara Van Heerden » 09 Jul 2018, 15:26

I haven't experienced office harassment and I hope I never will. The things I've heard are terrible and rather scary to know since I am about to step into the corporate world soon.

I do have a question though. Is there not any laws that protect female employees from this type of thing?
If I had my way, sexual harassment should be a crime that at least gets the perpetrators fired or fined.
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Jennifer Fernandez
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Post by Jennifer Fernandez » 09 Jul 2018, 21:12

Neither. It's a very difficult situation but not everything is black or white.

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Post by Lu_rire » 10 Jul 2018, 02:36

I think it is difficult to say wether it was weakness or strength. It requires strength to endure harassment yet it is weakness to endure it. Perhaps it was both. It showed her strength of character but at the same time it showed the weakness in her character.

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