On Office Sexual Harassment

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Cara Van Heerden
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Re: On Office Sexual Harassment

Post by Cara Van Heerden » 10 Jul 2018, 06:37

Lu_rire wrote:
10 Jul 2018, 02:36
I think it is difficult to say wether it was weakness or strength. It requires strength to endure harassment yet it is weakness to endure it. Perhaps it was both. It showed her strength of character but at the same time it showed the weakness in her character.
But I'm not sure I agree in saying enduring harrassment is weakness. Yes, I know there are great, powerful woman out there who can stand strong for themselves and all of us have that potential, but can we really expect every woman to be strong and stand up for themselves? Swap up sexual harassment with sexual assualt and it's easy to see how many women (and men) can't be expected to know how to fight it off or even have the strength to go through the humiliation of reporting such a thing.

I'm just throwing ideas out there 🤔🙂
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Post by DorcasToo » 13 Jul 2018, 07:35

Sexual harassment could easily hinder growth careerwise. I think the author handled it well.

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Post by ArriettyClock » 13 Jul 2018, 09:04

I think it's a bit more than just strength or weakness. People may feel like they have no choice - such as if they've reported similar issues previously and nothing has happened, if they fear for their job, or if the person is in a higher position - especially in a male dominated field.
It would be a lot easier for Angela not to do anything, but then it's weighing up whether she can put up with the sexual harassment and if she fears for her safety..... so maybe it hadn't yet got to the breaking point?

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Post by garima597 » 14 Jul 2018, 04:42

I found angela's initial forbearance of sexual harrasment to protect her career a sign of weakness because it depicts her lack of strength to face a situation. There are many situations in our life where we have to accept and adjust around certain behavior of other people but the acceptance of sexual harrasment due to any reason is wrong.
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Post by bruin » Yesterday, 12:11

Interesting questions, I didn't think of her actions as a strength or weakness. She just handled her situation that she felt would be best for her at that time. It is a difficult position to be in, which is sadly very common. As a female, it is hard to decide if it is worth putting your foot down when you feel like you can just walk away and not respond with the hopes that it will just stop. At the same time, it's time that women speak up when any of these things happen, but the truth is that it is still very hard to do so.

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Post by ValBookReviews » Today, 06:20

Wow! Sad, but true. Yes, I think both, a measure of weakness and strength. Sometimes it's easier said than done.
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