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Re: Mix of Genres

Post by CinWin » 12 Jun 2018, 18:40

I liked the fact that all of the genres were included. I would have liked to have more of the paranormal. This is strictly a personal bias because that is my my favorite genre. Romance is my least favorite so I thought there was too much of that. I think that the answer to the question would be dependent on the readers personal preference of the genres they enjoy.
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Post by Lolababs94 » 13 Jun 2018, 08:29

I do agree that it is amix of a lot of genres. Although I would classify it as romantic suspence since it is predominated by romance with the hunt for the paintings as the background.

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Post by AmySmiles » 13 Jun 2018, 09:03

A mixture is always nice as I enjoy different genres. I don't care too much for the fantasy piece but most other aspects are interesting and play together well.
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Post by bookowlie » 13 Jun 2018, 09:14

Libs_Books wrote:
12 Jun 2018, 12:53
bookowlie wrote:
06 Jun 2018, 15:19
KristyKhem wrote:
06 Jun 2018, 11:55
Mixing genres is a strategy to make a book more appealing to a wider range of readers. In most cases, people will pick a book based on cover design and blurb. If the blurb (or plot summary at the back) contains at least one genre that they like, in most cases, they will end up buying it. Personally, I always like a bit of romance in books :D
I agree that many authors try to include a mix of themes or genres to attract more readers. That's why I think so many mysteries include a man and woman who are thrown together to solve the mystery - for example, a detective and a reporter, a reporter and a missing person's family member, etc. Of course, there is always a romance that winds up blooming along the way.
I'm happy with a mix of genres, and agree that a touch of romance can brighten up a book. However, I'm not keen on paranormal stuff. I guess I'm picky - I don't mind people slipping through time in a sci-fi sort of way, but I found paranormal stuff incredible, as a general rule. My willing suspension of disbelief collapses.
I think a more lot people prefer sci-fi (vs. paranormal) because it has a somewhat realistic feel. What I did like about the mix of genres is there is something for everyone's tastes. The only problem for me is when the paranormal elements started to overtake the plot.
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Post by Kibetious » 14 Jun 2018, 01:18

The mix here was good because all the themes addressed are compatible. The only problem would be if the themes were from different planets, not compatible to each other. The mix is good.
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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 14 Jun 2018, 10:25

A bit of everything is a good mix but it all depends on the talent that the author holds in balancing them. As mentioned the romance was over the board strayed away from the main purpose of this read which is bad. This could honestly weaken a story.
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Post by holsam_87 » 16 Jun 2018, 02:27

The Romance was a bit overdone, it would have worked better as a secondary genre.
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Post by Jgideon » 17 Jun 2018, 06:55

History and romance are the major genres of the book. I also liked the paranormal aspect of the story as it adds flesh to the other genres. The author really did an awesome job by bringing all the genres together to make such a wonderful read.

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