Does this remind you of The Da Vinci Code?

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Re: Does this remind you of The Da Vinci Code?

Post by lesler » 13 Jun 2018, 12:58

I think the DaVinci element is meant to attract Da Vinci Code lovers, but this focus is more on art, and not religious symbolism.

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Post by Nmesoma » 13 Jun 2018, 20:07

The Da Vinci Code is more of a conspiracy fiction and thriller while The Girl Who Knew da Vinci is more of a romantic detective thriller. They both have the same background (art, da Vinci, historical heritage), but different story line.

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Post by holsam_87 » 16 Jun 2018, 02:36

NL Hartje wrote:
01 Jun 2018, 02:21
I suppose I’ve always compared books, but that’s more of a flaw in my nature than any real error of the authors.

The Girl Who Knew da Vinci reminds me of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code in so many ways.

First, there’s obviously the presiding canvas of art history, but then add that, in both books, the characters search for an item that has a questionable existence at best. There is also the aspect of fantastically changing settings as characters race against a clock.

Do you find similarities too, or am I fishing?

Do the similarities add or detract from the book for you?
Honestly, I've never read The Da Vinci Code. The only thing that would be similar for me would be the title. I would like to read The Da Vinci Code so that I could draw more in-depth parallels.
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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 17 Jun 2018, 02:47

I do agree that there are some similarities between these two books especially the subject matter concerned is the art history (the painting). However, the writing style is way different. Dan Brown's writing is focused more on action, mystery and kinda more detailed about art history for a novel which reminded me of Goldfinch by Donna Tartt; whilst Belle Ami's writing is more with romance. Thus, Belle Ami's novel is more of the light reading than Dan Brown's.

Having read both of these books by Dan Brown and Belle Ami, it somehow gave me 2 distinguished views of art history: views from mystery genre, and view from romance genre. Same theme but different approach.
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Post by ViziVoir » 17 Jun 2018, 20:01

I feel like the two books certainly follow a similar literary trend. This reminds me of other "sub-genres," like vampire romance or what I've come to call "love triangle dystopia." It really comes down to how the authors distinguish their work, regardless of existing precedent, though some similarities are certainly there.

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