Is gun really the answer?

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Nimrah Asad Khan
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Re: Is gun really the answer?

Post by Nimrah Asad Khan » 10 Apr 2018, 07:10

It shouldn't be easy to get access to weapon. To be honest, it depends upon the person, whether they use it to defend themselves and their loved ones or to hurt innocent people, and only people with twisted mind would go for the latter. But if access to weapons is hard there would be less chances, in my opinion. But in today's world people are so corrupted that they'd do anything for the sake of money and as much as it saddens us, seeing people losing their lives like that, it's going to increase because of how evil-minded, self-centered and selfish we've become. Killing people only because of their race, religion, caste, gender etc should be considered wrong but many people consider it right. I mean, look around the world, genociding innocent lives for the sake of land or oil or whatsoever, killing innocent people is now considered normal, people would go so far to defend genociding and this is when you know there's something wrong with their minds.

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Akatere Maxwell
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Post by Akatere Maxwell » 10 Apr 2018, 07:36

Gun can be the answer if it is the only option and the second amendment too said it,it is the only way to protect your family

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Post by KatePanlilio » 10 Apr 2018, 07:39

I think this depends on the situation. If it is a life and death situation and you really have to protect yourself, gun is the answer most of the time. However, the world needs more than that. The people need to understand more not only their nature but also the nature of the world itself. Violence is not always the answer. Most of the time, the only thing people need is a wider perspective and everything and of course, their acceptance in how the world works.
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tanya shukla
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Post by tanya shukla » 10 Apr 2018, 13:02

violence can never be the answer of anything, hostillity breeds hostillity..

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Post by Adegboyega » 11 Apr 2018, 00:56

To me gun should be optional for self defense,cause it mostly misused. Gun usage should be the last option for defense unless the condition warrant that!

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Post by AliciaPounds » 11 Apr 2018, 06:30

I have no desire for guns in my home, though my husband feels different. I think if there is more humane way to handle a situation it should be done. Life is precious, and weapons of any sort in the wrong hands can turn out bad.

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Post by missbamdy » 11 Apr 2018, 06:52

Gun would never be the answer. The damage it has done to the society is enough to know that, it is time for us to stop it. Even the best of us suddenly turn to a murderous human at the possession of a gun. It is saddening to see people clearly support the possession of guns with the excuse that it's for protection. Of which there are numerous alternatives to it.

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Post by freakkshowx » 11 Apr 2018, 09:19

I'm a big proponent of gun control, but I think I'd like to own a handgun in the future. Guns aren't the only answer, but from the disabled perspective, it's the most accessible one in a home invasion scenario. Of course I'm not saying that we all should go out and buy a gun, but I know that as a crippled young female, I'd be one of the easiest targets without one.

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Post by MrReviewman55 » 11 Apr 2018, 09:45

It may be the right answer when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. There should be better regulations and clearances to who gets a gun and how precisely they should use them. A gun may be the only thing that saves you or your families' lives.

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Post by susanfudge » 11 Apr 2018, 09:56

The question should not "Are guns really the answer?" but rather, "Does one have the right to use any means necessary to protect oneself and his family in his own home?" I understand that the media, which was exposed in congressional hearings for being paid by the CIA "to control the narrative for the U.S. Government" has a BIG influence on many Americans. Unfortunately for us, Operation Mockingbird proves the media's blatant biases in favor of the government's desires, which are gun control. All governments have an inherent and obvious desire, (or is it need) for gun control. Check your history books. All leaders throughout the history of the world implemented some form of weapons control out of fear of revolution. The Second Amendment is to protect us from tyranny, not home invaders.

Now back to the question at hand, "Do I have the right to use a gun, when someone is entering my home?" I cannot believe this is even a question. The implication being that someone entering my home has the right to do so. I consider myself fairly liberal. I believe in the rights of all minorities, including the rights of gays to marry, and divorce. But, liberals and conservatives should have to the right to feel safe in their homes. The highest murder rates tend to be in cities with the most strict gun laws. Why? The criminals are the ones with guns. The cities where it is mandatory to have a gun in the home have the lowest home invasion rates. If you are entering someone's home illegally, you know there is a chance you might get shot. Prohibition against alcohol did not work. It hasn't worked against drugs. Outlawing home invasions hasn't worked either. So, I have a right to shoot someone who might hurt my children.

Maybe we should ask, "Do people have the right to break into our homes?"

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Post by kabuga » 11 Apr 2018, 11:05

The gun isn't the answer because it has led to a lot of mass shooting which has claimed many lives of people.

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Post by Jamasenu » 11 Apr 2018, 22:23

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It's based on a person's belief. Do they believe they're safer with a gun? Is a gun necessary? In this day and age, it's hard to say no about a weapon.
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Post by kate_nguyen » 12 Apr 2018, 00:05

Gun is not the answer but the people who use guns are. Better education is also an answer, the happier and well educated the people are, the less violent there shall be.

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Post by AnitaM » 13 Apr 2018, 03:58

Guns are the problem, not the answer!

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Post by ValBookReviews » 13 Apr 2018, 22:17

Even then, I find that a gun really does not answer for self-defense. I may not be able to justify it with the author's stand point, but I can rest assure in the word of God: "He shall judge between the nations, And rebuke many people; They shall beat their swords into plowshares, And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they learn war anymore". And, "Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," says the Lord".
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