Would the story have worked as well without fly fishing?

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Re: Would the story have worked as well without fly fishing?

Post by asere_maryanne »

I don't think so and I also don't know but fly fishing played a major role, if SOMETHING else replaced it, the story would probably be different.

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Post by Kareka88 »

Definitely, the story is about more than fly fishing. The story is about friendship. The thing that brought them together was fly fishing, but it easily could have been quilting or gardening, or teaching, or music. Any of those topics could have drawn them together.
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Post by Scrawling Pen »

I think the fly fishing aspect of the book was very important. It provided a setting which really allowed the women's characters to appear strong and true to life. Additionally, it was a unique hobby which I think makes the book very interesting. I enjoyed learning more about fly fishing.

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Post by rumik »

Yes but I do agree with some of the other comments here that the fly fishing would definitely have to be replaced with something or another, but I'm not sure what..

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Post by LyorBoone »

I feel the fly fishing worked so well, that I can’t imagine doing something else. They met Melody out in nature on a fishing trip. Sophie hooked a newish/sort of old friend back into her life—literally. Veronica used fly fishing as a metaphor for her book. Fly fishing named Rose’s dog DJ. The story is about the nature of friendship, and fly fishing physically brings it into the nature environment to grow.
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Post by MsH2k »

It may have worked well, but I don’t think it would have worked AS well. The whole package includes the author’s presence in the work. Since Michelle obviously loves fly-fishing, her passion spills over into the work. It is woven into the fabric of the friendships. Being outdoors and by the water in particular adds a sense of serenity to the setting.

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Post by Amanda Deck »

Fly fishing was important because it was outside the normal realm of interests they had and because usually flyfishers are men. I get the feeling that those two factors influenced much about their friendships and characters.

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Post by dcw »

I think that a different sport or interest could have been used. However, the art of fly fishing requires patience, persistence, and determination. All of these elements can be used to describe their relationships with one another as well. It seems like a perfect fit!

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Post by Deepa09k »

This is a story about friendship and helping each other through everything. Although fly fishing is central in bringing the women together, I think it works well with any other sport or club.
But as many pointed out, the author's grip on fly fishing is what's brought the charisma to the story.

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Post by kelso9326 »

I think it still could have worked. friendships can be developed around anything. Even if it just sitting around a cabin talking for a whole weekend. Though the ladies would had to have found each in different ways then. I like the idea of it being a book club. Haha

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Post by tristenb »

Perhaps fly fishing could have been replaced with something, but it would have had to be something outside and relaxing that would have allowed them to destress. I think that the patience of fly fishing also added an element to the story, so I think it would need to be something slow paced as well. Also, it would have to be something odd that they wouldn't have already tried because trying something new is a really important theme in the book as well.

So, I think it's possible, but I'm not sure anything would have the same effect as fly fishing does.

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

In my opinion, i think fly fishing is the glue that held these characters together.

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Post by Nkoo »

I think an outdoor sport that is calming, uncommon and requires focus can sufficiently replace fly fishing. Mountain climbing may suffice.

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Post by oluchiokere84 »

Yes it would, as long they still have something in common. It could be business, religion or anything.

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Post by Y0landa »

I think it complimented the storyline really well. Some fly fishing quotes were used metaphorically to relate to life situations. They were also used to add a touch of humor on occasions. Nonetheless, I believe if the fly fishing theme was left out, it would have to be substituted by some other activity where a group of women from different backgrounds and ages could come together to spend leisure time together to develop a strong bonding friendship such as in this book.

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