How well was diversity handled?

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How well was diversity handled?

Post by ButterscotchCherrie » 05 Dec 2017, 07:22

This book includes characters of diverse ethnic origins. How do you think the descriptions of people of colour compared to those of white people?

A variety of sexualities was also present. Do you think that they received fair and equal treatment? What are some examples?

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Christina O Phillips
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Post by Christina O Phillips » 05 Dec 2017, 11:18

I am actually not familiar with some of the ethnicities in this book other than the Japanese culture, so I can't say if they were handled well or not. I saw no problems with the portrayal of the Japanese characters and I was glad to see diversity in this book.

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Post by Londera » 05 Dec 2017, 18:48

The book seemed like it included diverse characters. In terms of culture,ethnicity and gender there was a goos mix.

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Post by Booklover1606 » 13 Dec 2017, 16:43

I think any author has difficulty portraying a culture or sexuality that is not their own. Therefore I believe a lot of one on one research is crucial. In this case I think the author did very well.

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Post by Bancroft » 14 Dec 2017, 00:47

ButterscotchCherrie wrote:
05 Dec 2017, 07:22
This book includes characters of diverse ethnic origins. How do you think the descriptions of people of colour compared to those of white people?

A variety of sexualities was also present. Do you think that they received fair and equal treatment? What are some examples?
No, I don't think so because sex scenes are still present :liar: :wink2: :evil2: :D :wink: :cry2:
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Post by Bluecobia » 23 Dec 2017, 21:50

I did not see any problems with the handling of diversity in this book.
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Post by eBookreviewer » 02 Feb 2018, 06:38

I liked to see diversity in this book (for example, the Japanese one) and I didn't see any problem with it

Mitchell Starc
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Post by Mitchell Starc » 04 Feb 2018, 23:17

Well there is a lot of diversity in the book varying from adventure to rejoice and others

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Post by notashrimp16 » 06 Feb 2018, 14:57

I'm always glad to see diversity and I was glad to see it in a book of the month on here. I think it was done pretty well

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Post by ladycraic » 11 Feb 2018, 00:07

I love to see diversity in books - it's definitely worth the research!

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Post by nfdaniel85 » 11 Feb 2018, 15:37

One of my 2018 goals is to read more books with diverse characters and authors. I'm glad it was handled well in this book! I have seen it be disastrous.

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Post by DustinPBrown » 23 Feb 2018, 04:40

The only diversity that really struck me as strange was the diversity of relationships in the book. I suppose life really can have that many couples who know each other and just happen to also all be in open relationships, but I've never met anyone in an open relationship, and doubt they're as common as the book makes them seem.

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Post by becsimpson » 31 Mar 2018, 16:16

I was just glad to SEE some diversity. As a white person, it's difficult for me to say whether it was handled well or not, but I'm presuming Levin did some research here or was writing from his own experiences with those cultures/races. You would have to ask those ethnicities portrayed whether they felt it was a good and loyal portrayal that was free from bias. Only those who are being written about can be the true judge in this case.

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Post by KRay93 » 07 Apr 2018, 12:46

In terms of cultural diversity, only certain characters of Eastern origin are relevant. As someone with some knowledge about their culture, especially Japanese, I think the author did a good job overall.

Sexual diversity has a much greater weight in the book. I think the author got too carried away by the nature of the sexual encounters. I also believe certain attitudes of some characters rub in the promiscuity, even if they handle these encounters around circles of friends and acquaintances. The book doesn't seem to help the prejudice about Bisexuality and promiscuity...

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Post by jjmainor » 01 Oct 2018, 00:08

Given the part of the world the book was set in, I would have found it strange if the diversity wasn't there...

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