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Re: Unanswered Questions

Post by cherryalakei » 28 Dec 2017, 18:05

Questions I have that I would like to see covered:
-How did she get 2 Ph.D's so quickly? She was assumed to be a 22 year old who had been missing for 7 years, so this would have been the assumed identity's first semester at college.. and she writes projects and papers and studies for 2 Ph.D's? Off the bat?
-Why did she agree to therapy, when she didn't even want to go to the hospital?
-Why were both twins named the same? Jennifer and Jenny?

Concepts I'd like to see covered:
-The life of Jenny Heros as she leaves the 21st century for the 30th century
-Jennifer's memories of her life in the 30th century
-How the war between the Syndos and the Naturals was started
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Post by Lebs » 03 Jan 2018, 11:44

The scientific concepts around time travel were not convincing for me. I didn't get that 'suspension of disbelief' which mad it difficult to enjoy the book completely. I would also have liked for Jennifer's medical results to be revealed but I guess that may be for the next installment.

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Ste Brad
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Post by Ste Brad » 14 Jan 2018, 21:53


Am wondering, how does it compare to A wrinkle on Time?

Anybody know? ⏳
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Post by kwame1977 » 24 Jan 2018, 04:20

This is a strategy used by authors especially if they have different versions of their books. This urges the reader to read the various versions of such books and creates some form of loyalty.

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Post by celiiia » 01 Feb 2018, 09:39

Unanswered questions are annoying, however that's what keeps us hooked on the book, right?
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Post by eBookreviewer » 02 Feb 2018, 06:06

Yes, there are a few unanswered questions like, for example, Jennifer was sure that a medical exam would reveal her secrets but it doesn't happen.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina » 02 Feb 2018, 06:22

There were a lot of concerns in Jennifer's mind in the beginning - a medical would divulge her powerful cells (but that doesn't happen), her thigh scar has to be kept secret (but I doubt not one of her playmates saw it), her brilliant mind might be questioned (but nobody does). It's as if the author got so distracted concentrating on the explicit scenes that he forgot to answer his own questions.

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Jennifer Allsbrook
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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook » 10 Feb 2018, 21:06

CommMayo wrote:
16 Nov 2017, 14:49
My big unanswered question is: What does having a PhD have to do with writing erotica? I don't put AICP, GISP behind my name unless it is in a work setting and it matters.
I don't think that the PdD had anything to do with the erotica. The author is a published and recognized scientist who happens to have decided to try his hand at writing a science fiction novel with an erotic twist. I, for one, enjoyed the science and the sex. I would have enjoyed the sex scenes more had there been more sexual tension built up over time among the characters but I think that is a talent that comes with experience in writing erotic fiction. We shall see in the next installment.

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Post by Sorchadorcha » 22 Feb 2018, 12:32

I'm glad they are so many unanswered questions as the author will hopefully answer them in the next two installments. Perhaps if he focuses less on the explicit scenes he'll be able to tie up all the loose ends. I'm specifically interested in seeing more of the time traveling element.
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