What could life have been like for a woman many years ago?

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Re: What could life have been like for a woman many years ag

Post by ritah » 15 Nov 2017, 11:08

Some women were goddesses back in the ancient times. Women were respected. It's a telling thing when women in some cultures today are treated worse than their 1000 year old counterparts. They had the right idea back then.

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Post by k2rugman » 16 Nov 2017, 12:06

I think some areas of the world have come farther than others. There's still a long way to go though!

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Post by CommMayo » 16 Nov 2017, 14:33

Even some of the more advanced countries have really far to go for women to gain equality. Ani DiFranco said it best: I don't think that I'm better than you, but I don't think that I'm worse.

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Post by vaz222 » 20 Nov 2017, 22:27

I think for the most part women have come very far. There are still many, many women right now struggling and being abused, used as slaves, etc. I personally know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship and it feels like being back in time. Equal rights is a very important issue.

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Post by ellieonline03 » 21 Nov 2017, 09:44

I believe women have come a long way. We have more rights than our predecessors. We are free to do almost everything we want. Gender equality is almost within our grasp.
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Post by Marylynn » 24 Nov 2017, 10:02

years ago, women depended on men too much. All the glory went to men, even the ability to see visions was believed to be for men but now times have changed.

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Post by ReviewerDiksha » 30 Nov 2017, 00:04

The society has, obviously, come very far from what it used to be. The conditions for women have changed exponentially and it can easily be attributed to women such as Strong Heart of that time.

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Post by Harrygx3 » 07 Dec 2017, 13:49

I think life for a woman many years ago was terrible compared to nowadays. Women didn't have any rights and were treated like objects or at best as some sort of sub-human whose opinion didn't matter much. They were also treated as prizes or like an asset like a piece of land. Today they have as many rights as men do with the exception of some countries where they are sadly still stuck in the past.

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Post by Bancroft » 08 Dec 2017, 03:52

Women were not having freedom to speak, life and work. They were kept like animals and this behaviour changed alot afterwards.

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Post by Momiji1987 » 13 Dec 2017, 18:26

At one time or another, women were treated with respect and chivalry in western countries in particular. Men would give their lives to let them escape drowning or danger or defend their honor. I don't think that's true anymore, which proves time can make things worse for everyone.

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Post by Frenjie » 14 Dec 2017, 03:26

In the ancient times, women have been regarded as second class citizens in some parts of the world. As such, they have limited rights and freedom. They don't have a voice and decision-making prowess. But through the years, as civilization and technology took over, a new modernized image of women has emerged. Their role in the society became more and more visible and equally significant with that of men.
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Post by Bancroft » 14 Dec 2017, 03:49

a situation to think, as we have seen that it was very hard time for women and that's real

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Post by psychopathycathy » 18 Dec 2017, 00:05

Women have definitely come very far! I think back then we were much more economically and socially dependent - but it's become more and more acceptable for women to embrace and be proud of their independence - finally!

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Post by Clemencia » 18 Dec 2017, 02:20

Women have come a long way education wise and financially.women today have a powerful voice that gets things done rather than back in the days when they were seen as pretty little house wives.
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Post by Star88 » 19 Dec 2017, 09:18

Women have come far since that time period, but there are still many places that could treat women better in this day.

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