Do you love family trips?

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Re: Do you love family trips?

Post by Soulimpression »

Family trips are so much fun! Many of the best memories of my childhood are from trips my family took. And now my husband and I go on a couple trips a year to see new places. It's great to get away from home and experience new things with the people closest to you!
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Sarah Immanuel
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Post by Sarah Immanuel »

Not really. I am not a family person.

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Post by DrAqsaAli »

of course, if it is after a long period of time than the amazement of trip is becoming double and triple. I love these kinds of activities and trying to organize such tours by myself.
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Post by ritah »

Yea, I think it would be fun + a great experience.

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Post by naynag96 »

eelavahs-jay wrote:My family is so dysfunctional we'd probably end up maiming each other on such a trip. I remember when I was younger and we'd visit the county together, the vehicle was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. We've got very little in common with one another despite being blood. In order to get the most out of such a trip I think I'd need to be surrounded by people I like :lol2:

I can sort of relate , I have a crazy family and to make it worse I am the baby and only girl from my parents so when we would go on family trips I didn't have much to do because my brothers always did big boy things, but being with them and having the memories (even if I remember crazy things like ladies living in trees ) made it all worth while. Now that I'm older its much better because my brothers try and include me now and I have an even bigger family with my daughters family and I honestly wouldn't pass up a trip with both sides , family is family and when they gone I feel I would regret missing even a second of memories. so yes even the most horrible of all the trips had memories I will have forever. :D
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Post by Star88 »

I love family trips! The more, the merrier!

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Post by Tanny136 »

I simply love family trips, especially road trips!
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Aubrey Lewis
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Post by Aubrey Lewis »

Family trips are okay for me, but I'm a person who likes to be alone most of the time, so... it isn't really my most favourable option.

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Post by GCamer »

I love family trips!!! My parents live on the other side of the globe so we rarely meet. When we go on a trip together (which would be like every 3-5years) we always make sure that we make it very memorable. ^_^ I love the fact that even though we don't see each other often, once we meet it felt like we were never apart.

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Post by n-dai che »

yes, I love family trip because it gives me comfort, love, and encourage. And, it is a sort of enjoyment and good memoirs that will never vanish in my heart.

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Post by henna sonum rajpoot »

I love family trips but it has been quite a time i have never been able to make any plan or get together. Family unions are always a solace and it heals you from wothin and gives you a sense of security.

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Post by powergirl »

I really enjoyed family trips because in this time we are together,sharing same things, and it puts us more unite than before.It is definitely a good experience someone should not miss.
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Post by Trixy »

I like trips with my family but i always wanted to travel alone, explore places by myself without asking anyone about where to go, just going somewhere i really want to go.
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Post by Valton »

When i was younger, i really loved travelling as a family, but these days its not as it used to ain't that fun anymore.
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Post by Mindi »

I have so many good memories from trips as a child, so I definitely love family trips.

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