Are challenges needed for growth and success

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Re: Are challenges needed for growth and success

Post by MsAlpha »

Challenges are inevitable, so I think it's counterproductive to imagine a life without them. If taken the right way, challenges do teach us what works and what doesn't. They keep us in check that we don't become too complacent that we've already done enough and can't do more. But I also agree that challenges are helpful only up to a person's breaking point.

Team Glitch Magic
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Post by Team Glitch Magic »

I think that you do need challenges for growth so you know that you don’t get everything your way. Without challenges there would be no need to get a job because there were no challenges where you had to earn money.

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Post by ifeoma obike »

Yes, challenges are a necessary part of any success journey. When you are challenged, you are asked to become more than you were. That means creating new perspectives, acquiring new skills, and pushing boundaries.
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Post by CrescentMoon »

I 100% agree with this statement. When it comes to overcoming challenges and obstacles, I definitely think they are necessary to grow and develop. I believe that a person needs to step out of their comfort zone and overcome some kind of hardship or try new things in order to really change and grow as a person. I think that without any challenges at all, a person could get very bored and feel unfulfilled. However, too many challenges can be stressful or overwhelming so I think there needs to be that balance.
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Post by ritah »

I don't think one necessarily needs challenges to succeed, I think one can achieve success without it. Challenges aren't a prerequisite for success.

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Post by naynag96 »

Zupanatural wrote:If you choose to look at it in such a way then everything is a challenge. Getting up in the morning, eating the right food, speaking to people, taking on a new project... whatever. You either do it or you don't. The really crucial thing is to embrace your failures & learn from them.

Honestly getting out of bed can be a pain , even more so when you just not ready for the day to start. But it takes extreme amounts of pressure to make the most rear of gems, without challenges life would be mundane, dull and boring . It takes a great challenge to know what we are made of , if you are the type of person who will sink or swim when thrown into deep water.
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Post by Aubrey Lewis »

Yes, challenges are definitely needed. A long time ago, I only thought about drawing and writing stories as mere hobbies. However, when I recently decided to take them to the next level, to do something related yet out of the box, I find that I have improved in more ways than one. I definitely don't regret challenging myself because it made me successful in different fields up to now.

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Post by Shaimaa »

Debbyemi wrote:In Bluewater Walkabout, the author experienced challenges which she overcame. There is also a popular adage that says "challenges are stepping stones to success". How true is this, and how often do we need challenges to succeed. Is it also possible to succeed without challenges. Share your views about that.
Well, challenges make us strong and mature. With each challenge we overcome, we learn what we exactly want, which is a great motivation towards growth and success.
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Post by Job Njoroge »

Swara Sangeet wrote:Definitely! Like they say, "Under pressure, efficiency goes up."
I agree when we are pressured we either improve or break

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Post by Kat Berg »

Amagine wrote:I absolutely do agree that challenges are needed for growth. If you're not being challenged, you'll never learn and grow.
I agree with this, but I don't think that challenges are needed for success. There are those who (seemingly) have everything handed to them; but also, it really depends on how you are defining "success".

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Post by Ash and Stars »

I feel that we need to be challenged in order to grow. We learn from our mistakes
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Post by Trina Higgs »

I personally feel that you really can't go in life without one challenge or another. As others have stated before on this topic, life doesn't exist without challenge of some sort and you can't grow without them. Those that don't really have challenges tend to go through life feeling entitled and just going through the motions.
"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities."
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Post by n-dai che »

yes, I agree challenges are needed for growth. It is because through that we become stronger, firm and strengthen.

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Post by henna sonum rajpoot »

I agree to it hundred and one percent because if you manage to succeed without setbacks and trials you cannot cherish your success as a whole and that feeling of fullfilment and uniquness cannot be felt compared to those who taste the fruit after fortitude.

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Post by Ubheeram Nina »

Of course challenges are needed for growth. Challenges kill our weak sides.

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