What's your favorite land animal?

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Re: What's your favorite land animal?

Post by Anjum »

I like kangaroos. I would love to see them hopping someday.
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Team Glitch Magic
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Post by Team Glitch Magic »

My favorite land animal would be a wolf because it travels in packs also it is very strong and can take down animals that are huge with his pack. It is also cute as a baby, I would like to have a wolf as a pet even though I know I cant.

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Post by Yolimari »

I think it would be pretty cool to be an eagle because they are smart, fast, and see everything clear from above. I would also be a lioness so I can be the queen of the jungle. However, I think owls, cats, and otters are the cutest animals ever.
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Post by Sarah Immanuel »

My favorite land animal is a Horse.

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Post by Diana Welch »

My favorite animal is a cat, I have a cat and I love her so much. Recently I bought a cat tower, which is a scratching post, it is one of the best things I bought for my cat. If you have a cat, I recommend you to have this cat tower because it will help stretch your cat’s body out and provide a sense of relaxations. When humans stretch, they feel completely rejuvenated; cats also feel this way. Stretching allows them to loosen tense muscles, tendons, and joints. A Stretching Post is relaxing, energizing, and stimulating to cats.

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Post by Aubrey Lewis »

Definitely giraffes! Maybe even rabbits. At least I won't get scared when I go near them.

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Post by BelindaC »

I've always been a big fan of wolves and tigers, though I have a real soft spot for sloths.
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Post by Tanny136 »

Dogs and hamsters
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Post by Stapes »

micoleon13 wrote:Thats such a difficult question to answer!! I think its going to be either an otter, as I love how dangerous animals can be disguised as something so cute. Also red panda, and jaguars. Ahhhh!! the list goes on and on!
I agree. It is so hard to choose. I would love to see a Panda though!

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Post by Barry1379 »

My favorite is definitely ants because of their determination despite how small they are.
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Post by n-dai che »

my favorite land animal is a dog because my dog is my pal. He is so cute and sweet and very smart. I love to play with my dog.

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I think a cat. It seems like it understands human language, so beautiful and friendly.
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Post by henna sonum rajpoot »

I love cats. In fact, i have many cats as pets. They are worthy companions. Besides cats, i like baby elephants, fluffy snow owls and baby tigers

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Post by powergirl »

My favorite land animal is parrot because he says everything he ears and that makes me laugh.
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Post by Nomzamo Nawodya »

Definitely the lion, I love its posture, its courageous and bold and has the stature of a firm leader. That's the male lion
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