What is the most dangerous thing you'very ever done?

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Re: What is the most dangerous thing you'very ever done?

Post by CommMayo »

My friend and I were talking to a guy at a bar and he offered to take us on a ride on his motorcycle. I said yes and he took me back to his house...no one knew where I was and I didn't have a cell phone. I am unbelievably lucky I wasn't raped or killed. A year later I got stranded in the Bermudain Triangle on a broken down sailboat...that pales in comparison to the motorcycle incident.

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Post by henna sonum rajpoot »

I am not an adventurous person at least in any physical terms. My exposure to these kinds of things is limited. Yet, i think, being overly risky in some situations is i think the more reckless and dangerous thing that i have done

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Post by powergirl »

Climb a barrier of house.Finally i hurt my hand.I was horrying
"To be or not to be that's the question" William Shakespeare

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Post by Trixy »

Mmmmm, maybe doing things without telling anyone, nothing bad but still, doing things that should have done in another way i guess to avoid being in danger.
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Post by Valton »

Because i have a phobia for heights then ziplining has to be the most dangerous thing i've ever done.
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Post by Joanna Nimfah Osei »

Taking in some alcoholic beverage I've not taken in before

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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

Now I don't know if this counts because I didn't do it intentionally, but I was once in a serious train crash and emerged unscathed.
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Post by Rebeccaej »

This may have been less dangerous than the alternative, but:

I was driving on the highway in heavy snow and slush, before the snow plows had made it out. There were two tire-tracks through each lane, with slush between them, and the trick is to stay in the tracks. I drifted out, hit the slush in the middle, and started to skid.

I knew that, to control a skid, you turn in the same direction that you're skidding, but I was in the left lane of the highway and skidding to the right, into a lane of traffic. In what was probably the most attentive moment of my life, I actually *looked* before turning, and saw the 18-wheeler in exactly the spot that I was going to skid into.

So I figure, I can have the car under control and drive into the truck, or I can get away from the truck, but I'll lose control of the car and start skidding wildly.

I didn't even try to steer. I spun the wheel to the left as far as it would go, and threw the car into the median. It spun completely around and ended up buried up to the windshield in snow, facing backwards, but safely in the median.

The weird thing is, I felt completely calm the entire time. Just, "oh, hmm...That's a lot of snow."

I feel like I was drinking tea the whole time, but then, 10 minutes later, I noticed I had bruises where my leg must have hit the cup holder. I don't remember that at all.
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Post by WendyH »

I once walked through a train tunnel that cut through a mountain. A friend and I were under the impression that the trains no longer rain down this particular line. We were wrong, as halfway through this dark tunnel, we heard a train enter it. In great fear, we ran faster than we ever have in our lives, the train right behind us. We barely made it out of the tunnel alive, but we made it with seconds to spare!
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Post by Erandi Ekanayake »

Actually I can't remember whether I have done something which can be called as dangerous, in my whole life! :D
But I had been punished for several times for the things my friends had done. :(

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