What do you love about traveling?

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Re: What do you love about traveling?

Post by kingslexasoh1000 »

Knowing/getting familiar with new places and meeting new people....my target is Europe.

-- 14 Nov 2017, 16:00 --

Knowing/getting familiar with new places and meeting new people....my target is Europe.

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Spirit Wandering
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Post by Spirit Wandering »

The change in perspective from being in an unfamiliar place. The opportunity to meet those from different cultures.
Interested in books that help one's spirit move beyond the ordinary.

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Post by Amystl26 »

I love traveling to see other parts of the country. However, ironic as it may seem, my favorite part about traveling is how much it gives me an appreciation for home. Call me a homebody, but my favorite parts of the trip are the very beginning when the excitement is fresh for take-off and the very end when I walk back into my cozy, quaint home.

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Post by Acwoolet »

I love the new experiences that it can involves. New sights, places, food, and people!

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Post by Gregory Chileshe »

What i love about travelling is when i am being driven to my destiny and see new areas. I like exploring and at every place we reach or encounter i would always want to see it that is why i dont even like sleeping during travelling because i feel like i would miss out on something good to look upon and i dont like to be told what i have see for myself.
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Post by k2rugman »

I love looking forward to the destination. When I travel it's usually to see family so I'm always excited to hit the road!

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Post by Jax14 »

We generally travel by car whenever we go on a journey, and I love finding new places in out of the way areas. Sometimes you plan your route and think you are only going to stop in certain areas, and for whatever reason you find yourself stopping in a different place and discovering a hidden gem. It definitely makes the journey more exciting and creates amazing new memories...

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Post by CaitlinGonya »

Everything. The research, the location, the people, the food, the history. Mainly the history

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Post by WendyH »

I love meeting new people, learning about other cultures and trying new cuisines. I also love learning the history of new places and visiting the gorgeous landscapes of this beautiful earth.
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Post by esthernn »

I love the the different delicacies I get along the way,
I also love the feeling of adventure.

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Post by OldNerd »

I love visiting new places and discovering new culture in other communities, I like seeing new geographical features in different parts of the world.

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Post by inaramid »

Learning new things. Gaining new experiences. Experiencing the culture through festivals or the food. I'd like to see more places if I could. It just opens your eyes to how wide the world really is.

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Post by BookHausJ »

Our five (5) senses are design to give knowledge to everyone. Touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, and tasting are being used to educate us. Ever time I travel I see a lot of real things that I never seen on just reading books. Thing that I never hear because only trees and water falls can ever produce. That's the reason why I love traveling aside from meeting new friends.
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Post by Eileen R »

I love discovering new things and meeting new people

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Post by Zain A Blade »

The escape, the carefree life, the different cultures and foods, the shopping for exquisite artifacts.

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