Are you Afraid of the sea?

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Re: Are you Afraid of the sea?

Post by Mjgarrison » 02 Oct 2017, 12:45

@barbiedole I never thought about that a ship might be way more comfortable. I still think I might freak out if I go to far out though.

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Post by Yemurai » 02 Oct 2017, 13:53

I like looking at the sea from land but being in the sea is something else. Its just so scary being surrounded by water plus I can't swim soooooooo... yikes

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Post by Acwoolet » 02 Oct 2017, 13:59

I love the sea, but I'm very wary of its power. I know it's not something to mess around with. And the creatures can be quite scary too.

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Abubakari Fuseini
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Post by Abubakari Fuseini » 03 Oct 2017, 03:21

Hmm, I like sitting closer to the sea but not to trip on it. I once went on it by the local boat and I was very afraid because I don't know how to swim.

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Post by ellieonline03 » 03 Oct 2017, 06:42

I love the sea but my inability to swim makes me afraid of the deep waters.
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Trina Higgs
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Post by Trina Higgs » 03 Oct 2017, 23:40

I would have to say I am afraid of the sea. I think it is one of the influential forces of nature we have on earth. I don't really care for what I can't see and the ocean is just that. It is beyond beautiful but with the fact that "I only dog paddle" doesn't help matters.
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Post by Khayyamhamid » 04 Oct 2017, 02:42

I had these nightmares when I was a kid that I am drowning in a sea. I was so much scared of it that I didn't close my eyes while washing my face in the bathroom or even during showers. I am now 36 and have overcome these fears, but sometimes the feeling comes back when I am in the showers. Although I have been to cruise and over there I enjoyed a lot.

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Post by Amozone » 06 Oct 2017, 09:57

Am totally afraid of the sea, no no. It is quite a good place but don't like the area at all.

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Kate Richmond
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Post by Kate Richmond » 09 Oct 2017, 04:25

I don't know why. But yes, I'm kind of afraid of the sea. Maybe because I can't see what's underwater or maybe I can't swim very well.
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Team Glitch Magic
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Post by Team Glitch Magic » 09 Oct 2017, 18:03

I love the sea. It is home to many sports like surfing,fishing and para-sailing. It is very fun to swim in and the only scary thing is the undertow. Otherwise it is a great place to hang out or spend time with friends. Snorkeling is also very beautiful you can see ocean life and things that you cant see on land. Also I can open my eyes in water so I am not so afraid of drowning.

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Post by Salsabila » 09 Oct 2017, 22:39

I live in Mombasa which is right next to the ocean. The sea can be scary when the waves break the shores.

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Post by NadineTimes10 » 10 Oct 2017, 02:49

Kind of. :) I love the way the ocean looks and how it sounds. I've been to the shore of the Pacific Ocean--it's massive and beautiful!

Still, the idea of being way out on the water somewhere, too far to see any land, doesn't appeal to me at all. Yes, I can swim--in a swimming pool. And I've never much liked swimming in deeper than about six feet of water. If I can't easily touch the bottom and float back up within a few seconds... No thanks. :D

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Post by Anjum » 10 Oct 2017, 09:09

Of course, I am. There are many big sharks there. I don't even know how to swim!
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Muddassar Hussain
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Post by Muddassar Hussain » 10 Oct 2017, 11:49

Moniquejm wrote:Are you afraid of the sea?
There are some people who are afraid of going or staying long in the sea, are you one of them? Why?
In my view we are not filmier with the sea in our daily life. we are unable to absorb the cool waves easily.
In front of our eyes only sea and noting.

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Post by mercy wangechi » 11 Oct 2017, 11:08

Am so so afraid of the seas, gosh. First i cant swim even in a small swimming pool. I have had a boat ride only once in a small dam, and trust me i was freaking out and i cant figure how my adventure in the sea would be. Also i think the creatures there just put me off and i would not want to go in there.

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