What is a dream you would like to accomplish?

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Re: What is a dream you would like to accomplish?

Post by Mikimo »

A dream that I would like to accomplish someday is to travel around the World with my family.

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Post by Iamchineduangus »

My Dream is to be a successful business man in large way and I have inborn dream to be a mechanical and electrical engineer I would like to accomplish one then the other I believe I Will accomplish them someday

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Post by steprequintel »

i had a lot of dream. but the one that keeps me going is my dream to change the world. by becoming a great teacher, filmaker, soccer player.... haha i had a lot of career path.. but i like to achieve all of that

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Post by mumoscar »

All dreams are valid and everyone has them. My dream is to be a Christian author and the journey began four years ago with my first book which is still in the oven.

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Post by Londera »

My dream is to finish this degree once and for all. Be able.to travel,help people and enjoy the rest of my life comfortably.

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Post by cherrykarl »

Have my own baking business, write a book and get published. As long as I am doing what I love, I think that would be a great fulfillment for me.
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Post by Amagine »

Londera wrote:My dream is to finish this degree once and for all. Be able.to travel,help people and enjoy the rest of my life comfortably.
I have a dream of one day getting my MA degree so I completely relate to you! Also, I love that you want to spend your life helping people.
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Post by Mindi »

I would love to travel the world and maybe start a travel blog or write a book about my experiences. I would also love to write young adult fiction.

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Post by eelavahs-jay »

My dream is to become a published author and travel the world. I've been writing for as long as I can remember and have always been passionate about creativity. Even if I don't eventually end up in the field of biotechnology (dream career) having my first series published with a good amount of following would be enough to keep me content while I'm alive.

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Post by aboladeoluwatise »

Making money legally at home without having to stress my self physically.
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Post by srm628 »

I want to be a teacher and a writer. I’m already in college, working on both degrees. Teaching is probably a more reachable dream.

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Post by Yemurai »

I would really like to be fluent in at least 5 foreign languages

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Post by Harmony Hills »

I dream to be a writer and an animator. I imagine myself writing a good book and be the animator behind its movie adaptation (an animated film at that!) :D
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Post by Kate Richmond »

To be a vampire. If you have an eternal life, you can take your time to accomplish your dreams, right? The first step I need to take is searching for a vampire.
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Post by Ayisha M Ashruf »

Travel the world with that special person. Watch the Northern Lights from an ice igloo in Finland.

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