What is more important luxury or family?

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Jan Moraa Onsomu
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Re: What is more important luxury or family?

Post by Jan Moraa Onsomu » 11 Sep 2017, 09:56

Family is more important bacause if I had all the luxury in the world with nobody dear to me to share it with, it would be quite pointless.
But truly, you wish both would balance out nicely!
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Post by Shrebarsa » 12 Sep 2017, 22:10

Family is the biggest luxury. I choose family over luxury.

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Post by adinamurariu » 13 Sep 2017, 13:48

They are both important, and I THINK there are ways to have them all. The problem is when we do not appreciate what we have, and always want more.
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Post by Abayomi2060 » 13 Sep 2017, 15:05

I'd choose family. What's the use of having everything with no one to share it with?

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Post by Zelinda » 13 Sep 2017, 21:44

hsimone wrote:Family, of course. I would be surprised if someone would choose luxury over family.
Some people do though. They may even be in one's own family. Starts slow; then distance builds up. Before you know it, you've lost them. Or they've lost you.

-- 13 Sep 2017, 22:48 --

Family. And I don't just mean nuclear family, although they are part of it. In my networks of friends and associates, faith travelers, justice-seekers and 12-steppers I have found family. I don't know how I could have anywhere near the riches I have without them, so if you define money as riches, then I have both!
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Marie Kala
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Post by Marie Kala » 14 Sep 2017, 09:08

For me, family. I think that it is better to be rich in love than in gold!

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Belynda White
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Post by Belynda White » 14 Sep 2017, 16:18

I wish I can pick both but at this stage of my life, I've come to realize that family is everything.
Most times, I fall flat on my face. But never do I remain on the floor; I rise again.
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Post by dauntlesswitch » 16 Sep 2017, 01:53

Family will always come first.
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Ana Njeri
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Post by Ana Njeri » 17 Sep 2017, 02:49

Having my family helping each other out. Luxuries fade away with time. And when they are all fine what are you left with? Family
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Post by Maulyne » 17 Sep 2017, 13:41

I pick family. luxury can never give you the love and happiness that you would feel with family.luxury is something that comes and goes.
luxury though lost can be replaced but with family nothing can never be substituted with .Its the only one you have and once you loose no replacement.

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Sasha Walker
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Post by Sasha Walker » 17 Sep 2017, 14:00

To choose between luxury and family, I think a little context is required. If I were to choose family, I would have to ask myself which family? Is it the family that I was raised by? The family that I have made for myself (husband, children, etc.)? Or the family of friends who have helped shape me as a person?
For each person the answer to the question of luxury or family will change. For me personally I would have to say that the family I have created for myself would triumph over luxury every time. (The time I get to spend with my family IS a luxury.)
In terms of material luxury, I don't know whether I would opt for it over the family that raised me. Even though having a yacht would be far better than listening to political jousting at every Thanksgiving.

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Post by BookWorm1810 » 17 Sep 2017, 14:02

In my opinion, family is much more important than all the luxury in the world. Family will love you and take care of you no matter what. With family, they will stick with you forever, but luxury could disappear in an instant. Even though luxury may seem more appealing at times, family will always be by your side.

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Post by mumoscar » 18 Sep 2017, 04:46

Unfortunately many treasurer luxury than family however, I believe family should be first. Luxuries come and go but will remain.

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Post by DeboraSilva » 18 Sep 2017, 04:57

For me family is more important, humans are social creatures and being alone while having luxury seems something that I wouldn't enjoy.
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Post by Karen0823 » 18 Sep 2017, 15:54

I know of some who have picked luxury, or money, over family. Sometimes family can let you down so these people might have their own reasons. Personally, I believe a life of luxury but no family would be empty. Even if the family you have may not be the best.
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