A 'Happily ever after' ending Versus 'To be continued'

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Re: A 'Happily ever after' ending Versus 'To be continued'

Post by AmandaMac » 19 Sep 2017, 17:14

I am ok with either. I enjoy reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris as well as the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, the Sookie series ended after many books but the happily ever after ending did not do it for me. After over twenty books the Anita Blake series looks like it has no end in sight as of yet Anita hasn't got her happy ever after just a band-aid thrown on til the next book. I'm good with either ending as long as the book is a really enjoyable book.

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Post by Barbiedole » 26 Sep 2017, 02:44

"To be continued" can be so tiring. Just end the story already and give me some smiles on my face.

Oliver Ekaso
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Post by Oliver Ekaso » 26 Sep 2017, 20:23

As long as there are no loose ends that needs an explanation, a 'Happily ever after' is ok. 'To be continued' makes a lot of sense for a very captivating open ended kind of situation.

Marie Kala
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Post by Marie Kala » 30 Sep 2017, 09:26

I often prefer a 'to be continued' ending because it tells me that there is more going to happen in the characters' lives. It makes them seem more real- I have never seen an actual 'ending' to someone's life after one adventure is done, and endings regardless are never cut and dry. That being said, if there is not going to be another book, enough closure should be made that I am satisfied, but still imagining.

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Post by eelavahs-jay » 30 Sep 2017, 13:24

I think Happily Ever After endings are too cliche. However, after a long and difficult journey I think characters deserve a life of happiness. There are some stories that it works for and others that it doesn't. I like when books are left open-ended. It leaves room for imagination.

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Post by Mjgarrison » 01 Oct 2017, 23:57

I hate it when a book ends so if more is coming I prefer it to leave me wanting. But if it's not a series and that is just it I prefer to have answered all my questions and not leave me wondering.

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Post by Jeyran Main » 02 Oct 2017, 11:42

I like endings that are clear and do not leave me wondering. Having closure after reading for 5 hours is a must for me.

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Post by Star88 » 05 Oct 2017, 10:45

I like happily ever after endings when everything is wrapped up and not abrupt. Cliff hangers are ok too, but can be painful if you have to wait a year or more for the next book to come out.

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Post by mercy wangechi » 06 Oct 2017, 02:10

am not a fun of cliff hangers. i love when a book puts a stop to the story, this way i feel super satisfied knowing that i wont ask my self alot of questions about what is going to happen.

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Post by Mercy Bolo » 21 Oct 2017, 14:07

I'm a sucker for happy ever after. An abrupt ending deserves a follow up.
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Post by Sincerely » 09 Nov 2017, 03:45

I prefer a 'happily ever after' vs 'to be continued'.I prefer having that satisfaction of closure than being left with suspense.

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Post by Lincolnshirelass » 09 Nov 2017, 04:34

For what it might prove, the original ending of many of the Grimms' fairy-tales (or folk-tales as I prefer to call them) is NOT 'They all lived happily ever after' but the enigmatic 'Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, so leben sie noch heute' which translates as 'Unless they have died, they are still alive today'!
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Post by thisisfinal213 » 09 Nov 2017, 11:54

I agree with this completely. It should continue and produce an interesting series instead of happily everafter and that is my opinion

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Post by AnanyaAk » 11 Nov 2017, 12:04

I prefer the books I read to be wrapped up, with at least most questions answered.

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Post by inaramid » 15 Dec 2017, 03:31

It would be annoying to go through all that and not have any sort of ending. I also hate it when authors intentionally leave things hanging when there's really nothing much to tell, just for the sake of luring buyers to buy a second book.

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