How do you describe your father?

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Re: How do you describe your father?

Post by RegularGuy3 » 04 Sep 2017, 07:26

Solid. Always there, always steady. Also, the guy is 6' 4", pushing 300 pounds--he's a big wall of a person.

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Post by Myzee » 04 Sep 2017, 14:28

A wonderful father,a peace loving man,always ready to lend a helping hand.Sensitive and caring. The best father anyone could ever have.I miss him every single day.I take comfort knowing that he taught me to be kind and good.I learnt so much from him.I am the best part of him that lives on.

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Post by ebethina » 04 Sep 2017, 15:27

My father is one you do not see anymore. He is kind and generous. All he wants to do is give and help other people. I am very lucky. An ideal father is one who is always there for his child no matter the circumstances.

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Post by Kivuna » 04 Sep 2017, 18:06

I describe my father as the perfect friend that has ever lived but my counsellor at the same time.
Even when there are a few shortages :) :) here and there,he will assure you that everything will b alright.
Am really proud to have him

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Gregory Chileshe
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Post by Gregory Chileshe » 04 Sep 2017, 19:54

Trend setter, the man left a roadmap I am just realizing is almost unbeatable. Excellent personality that he had. He passed on,but his works are a testimony to many.

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Neema Kivuyo
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Post by Neema Kivuyo » 05 Sep 2017, 01:13

:My father was very understanding loving and honest, he always believe in me ! i wish he could be around till this time.

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Donald A Axon
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Post by Donald A Axon » 05 Sep 2017, 02:01

My father was a good man, always worked hard he treated me and my sister well. However, he didn't approve of me. I've always thought it better to work smart not hard, but he just wanted me to become a sheep and work hard like everyone else. Every time a rang him, his first question was have you got a job yet? this meant that after a while I stopped calling.

I think an ideal father is someone who treats his family well and supports them in whatever they want to do, whether or not they agree with it. At least I go the first half.

Miss you Dad.

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Ashley Crane
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Post by Ashley Crane » 05 Sep 2017, 03:56

My father is simple and complicated at the same time. It takes very specific topics to get him talking. Much of the time it seems like he's in his own world. He won't talk about his childhood at all really, except for basics like the different places where he lived. I've always felt like there's so much more to him than he lets people see. He's very loving, but in an unemotional way, if that makes any sense. He does and would do anything for me and my siblings; his life has revolved around us.

To me, the ideal father shows love and support however he knows how. Everyone is so different, so there can't be one ideal. Mine isn't in touch with his emotions, so he uses actions instead. He should be your rock, someone you lean on and value all throughout childhood and well into adulthood

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Post by Amionatheye » 06 Sep 2017, 09:00

My father is a thoughtful and caring person. He can starve himself just so we can get the best

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Post by idrylkareh » 06 Sep 2017, 11:41

He is loving hardworking and very kind

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Post by Uwazie Emmanuel » 06 Sep 2017, 12:06

My father was a good dad who ensured that all our basic needs were met, even if it meant him going hungry and naked.

Gifty Naa Akushia
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Post by Gifty Naa Akushia » 06 Sep 2017, 16:33

My father is dead though but while he was alive he taught me to be discipline and accountable.

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Post by bigirimanacelestin » 07 Sep 2017, 04:32

Enthusiastic hero full of hope of achieving more. My father is wise and his advice are awesome.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

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Post by strike-aster » 07 Sep 2017, 04:52

My Father is a very kind, caring and thoughtful person. I'm very close to him and it still pains me knowing that he's already gone. We share the same interests starting when I was a young kid. After his work he always brings home something for me. He also very understanding. He and my Mom rarely have a fight. He is also responsible and loves our family so much. I'm really proud that he's my Father. He is always in our hearts.

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Post by princessane » 07 Sep 2017, 05:46

When I was younger I used tot hink my dad was this strange guy that was serious all the time ad that I couldn't understand. Now I see how much he cares about me.

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