How do you describe your father?

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Mercy Bolo
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Re: How do you describe your father?

Post by Mercy Bolo » 19 Oct 2017, 13:36

I describe my father as hardworking, loving and protective.

-- 19 Oct 2017, 13:37 --

I describe my father as hardworking, loving and protective.

-- 19 Oct 2017, 13:37 --

I describe my father as hardworking, loving and protective.
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Post by powergirl » 02 Nov 2017, 17:29

my father is a man with faith because he fears God and walk through spiritual ways.
"To be or not to be that's the question" William Shakespeare

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Post by Lincolnshirelass » 14 Nov 2017, 04:21

I lost my dad many years ago now (he was only in his early 60s) and for a while it was hard to think of him other than the bed-ridden invalid he had become, in pain and sometimes scared, though he had great courage to the end. But now I have regained the memory and image of a funny, kind, sometimes aggravating (but always with a twinkle in his eye) man who loved Rugby and fish and chips and male voice choirs.
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Post by Jideofor5050 » 15 Nov 2017, 05:42

The description is self dependent!

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Post by MLove83 » 21 Nov 2017, 09:31

Serina Vitrino wrote:Not very smart, fiercely loyal, stubborn, funny, an addict, dedicated to his children succeeding, flawed, a hard worker. A simple, complicated man
My father is very similar. Not the brightest, as he dropped out of school after 8th? 10th? grade and makes dumb mistakes without learning from them. Also an addict. Has a huge heart, and will give what little he has, but can also be selfish and pretty cruel. S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N. Flawed, yes. A hard worker, yes, although that changes as his alcoholism and depression affects him. Absolutely a simple, complicated man, as are my feelings for him. I love him almost as much as I hate him.
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Post by inaramid » 15 Dec 2017, 03:22

A good provider. Stoic and imposing, but he has always been the pillar of the family. Fathers are like that, I guess, for the most part.

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Post by shine123 » 07 Apr 2018, 08:24

My father is my best friend and a role model. He is kind and helpful to people around him. He taught me to always do good things in life and be good to people. People are easily drawn to him because of his knowledge and humour. He taught me how to socialize and meet new people of different cultures and backgrounds. He guides and consults me in different areas of my life. He always encourage me to do whatever I want and not let anyone get in my way. He has shown me no matter what challenges life throws at you, you can always get back up and be someone again. He is someone I can always rely on especially when I hit rock bottom. He is a great father that any child should be lucky and grateful to have :)

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Post by atonykamau » 08 Apr 2018, 04:45

My father is hardworking, strong and also very strict.

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Post by jvez » 23 Apr 2018, 10:42

My father was a good provider. I can't say we were close, but I don't see myself choosing a different Dad. I'm just glad I grew up with one. Not the most ideal father, but I've known of other people who had it worse.

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Kiera Donovan
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Post by Kiera Donovan » 23 Apr 2018, 11:05

My father is a loving guy and a hard worker and helps other people and relly good at sports he was in the world finals in seadoo racing and a relly good swimmer

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Post by Elzaavdolli1 » 23 Apr 2018, 12:24

My father is a very honest person and a very hard-working one. I think that He is the best father, He is a model for others

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