"Love" Scenes.

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Brandi Noelle
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Re: "Love" Scenes.

Post by Brandi Noelle » 09 Oct 2017, 16:05

As many have said above, racy scenes are essential for the romance genre because that's what the readers want to see. However, I think a scene that shows a little of the details without dipping into the pool of erotica, is the best way to go. Some books share nothing but a door closing behind the couple as they retreat into the bedroom, and I think that's too little. It leaves the reader out of a pertinent moment in the characters' journey. Is he kind & gentle? Rough and demanding? Is she innocent and shy? Brazen and confident? A glimpse into the early stages of lovemaking can reveal a lot about the characters and their motivations elsewhere in the story.

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Post by Brian6 » 09 Oct 2017, 23:52

More description brings sentimental and that is romance's aim.

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Post by MsAlpha » 12 Oct 2017, 10:35

I've read books where explicit love scenes are unnecessary and not even artfully written. It makes you feel that the author was hoping you'd keep turning the pages by giving you porn. But good books do come along where these love scenes are artfully done, and fit perfectly.

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Mercy Bolo
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Post by Mercy Bolo » 21 Oct 2017, 13:55

If it's not a romance novel then I think some things should be left to the imagination.
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Kat Berg
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Post by Kat Berg » 22 Oct 2017, 08:56

kandscreeley wrote:I don't think there is a need for those type of scenes. You can be sexy without overt details.
I lean on this side of the fence. I am always hesitant to recommend books if there is especially explicit sex scenes in it. But if there are sex scenes, there is a difference between describing in a beautiful or vulgar way. So often, the "steamy" romance books lean toward the vulgar, and I refuse to read those. I will read a book with the occasional tasteful scene (okay, or funny scene, as sometimes happens in chic lit), but will sometimes skip those if they are unnecessary for understanding the plot.

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Post by gaporter » 22 Oct 2017, 14:02

I thought the type of "love" scenes in The Expansion was suitable for the story it was telling. Extra racy/gushy scenes would make the romance feel more forced, rushed, and more important than it really was. Downplaying the romance scenes allowed that aspect of the story to stay more in the background.

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Post by CommMayo » 26 Oct 2017, 22:03

I like when there is some detail in a novel, especially when you have followed the evolution of the relationship. I also agree that it can be very dependent on the genre.

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Post by Cheshire » 05 Nov 2017, 01:56

It depends on the writer's writing style. In love, describing it with a few words can mean so much more than putting on in lengthy descriptions.

As long you get the emotions across, I think descriptive scenes like "racy scenes" could not be needed at all.

Writers are free on what they want to write. I think it is their privilege to decide on how and what they want to write.

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Post by inaramid » 15 Dec 2017, 03:44

The execution plays a great role here. In the hands of a really good writer, anything can be integrated in a book and look like it fits there. I'd rather not have them in mystery novels but I'd read a few that did have those scenes which worked quite well.

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Mallory Whitaker
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 15 Dec 2017, 16:53

MsAlpha wrote:
12 Oct 2017, 10:35
I've read books where explicit love scenes are unnecessary and not even artfully written. It makes you feel that the author was hoping you'd keep turning the pages by giving you porn. But good books do come along where these love scenes are artfully done, and fit perfectly.
I agree with that. I think they can actually push the plot forward and be devices for the story but other times they're used to just add "intrigue" or because they think it will somehow make the story more interesting.

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