Is Suicide Ever the Answer?

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Jeinzy Danica Nunez
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Re: Is Suicide Ever the Answer?

Post by Jeinzy Danica Nunez » 04 Oct 2017, 09:54

Suicide is absolutely not the answer any problems. It is the opposite of it so I prefer to live that die.

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Post by Star88 » 04 Oct 2017, 11:33

Suicide is never the answer. There will be other choices. If you have hit rock bottom, then at least it can't get any worse.

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Ashley Simon
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Post by Ashley Simon » 04 Oct 2017, 19:27

Is it an answer? Certainly. Is it the right answer? Ah - that is a much more difficult question.

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Post by Taniatt » 07 Oct 2017, 00:05

No never! Suicide means giving up. Never do that. I know of a family where it happened. The whole family was disappointed and dishonoured in front of other people. It was horrible. If anyone thinks of committing suicide, at least think of the future of the loved one you leave behind. I hope nobody does it.

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Post by dhomespot » 07 Oct 2017, 13:56

My cousin committed suicide last year. She was estranged from her daughter and no amount of "try" was fixing the issue. She was not allowed to see her grandchildren. While this death was a blow to me and others in the family, sadly, it has not seemed to affected her daughter. While suicide is a personal choice, I do not think people realize the impact of how it affects others. The only exception that I could see, is if you had a terminal illness with no hope.
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Sarah Immanuel
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Post by Sarah Immanuel » 17 Oct 2017, 22:59

No, it is not the right thing to do. There are many ways to solve problems.

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Omoneka Ekhaizor
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Post by Omoneka Ekhaizor » 18 Oct 2017, 02:17

An act of suicide only aggravates pain further especially for the members of the family and loved ones. It is never the solution to a life challenge.

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Post by Barry1379 » 18 Oct 2017, 10:47

No because it makes you loss the chance to fight back and conquer your fear.

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Mercy Bolo
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Post by Mercy Bolo » 19 Oct 2017, 12:49

Suicide may seem like the only answer when one doesn't know that with a lot of effort, life could get better.
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Post by JadeK » 20 Oct 2017, 14:44

I have had a few people in my life commit suicide. I don't think this is EVER the answer. Tomorrow can always be a better day. You never know where you will be in 5, 10, 15 years. How can you make such a permanent decision when you don't know what the future holds for you? Not only is it irreversible but it is also so incredibly selfish. The people and loved ones you leave behind suffer and have a hole left in their hearts that should never have been there.

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Post by ZeroChill » 20 Oct 2017, 23:57

No I don't think suicide is the answer...... Ap wraon has to live up to the challenges of life and excwl at whatever challenge he is faced with

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Ash and Stars
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Post by Ash and Stars » 21 Oct 2017, 10:06

I never think it is the right answer. It devastates the lives of those that are left behind. Fortunately I've never known someone who has committed suicide

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Post by MaryIamMueni » 02 Nov 2017, 07:32

Suicide is not the solution to a problem.There is always a room for change and also repair of the damage caused. It's really wrong.

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Post by powergirl » 02 Nov 2017, 09:41

Suicide is not the answer.One day i wanted to suicide because i had problems and i did not find solutions.I tried it but i did not succeed.fortunately!!!
"To be or not to be that's the question" William Shakespeare

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Post by thisisfinal213 » 04 Nov 2017, 20:47

No, suicide is not the answer and never it can be
So whenever it comes to suicide be careful and dont waste your precious life

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