Make a choice: Your career or Love?

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Nomzamo Nawodya
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Re: Make a choice: Your career or Love?

Post by Nomzamo Nawodya » 30 Oct 2017, 13:34

Love and love definitely,I mean there is no career without love in the first place besides I love him to the moon to even choose.

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Post by 2turnt » 31 Oct 2017, 19:55

Love over career anyday. I have never had to make this decision myself but if I did have to then it would be love. True love doesn't come around everyday . Such an easy choice.

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Post by sotosbusiness » 31 Oct 2017, 23:03

If it was a good love, I would choose love over a career. A career can be changed and other opportunities will come. Unfortunately, a good love does not always come. Others may not agree, but this has been my experience in life. I have had this happen in my life and I don't regret choosing love over my career.

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Post by Turquoise2136 » 01 Nov 2017, 00:53

Good question,but how can I choose if I can make it both...

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Post by wawerumercy » 01 Nov 2017, 11:40 romance without finance

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Post by Valton » 02 Nov 2017, 04:25

Career first, love will come along as i look for success.

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kiio joseph mutinda
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Post by kiio joseph mutinda » 02 Nov 2017, 06:53

for me i can choose career love can be my last thought. career is the bridge to good hopes and aspirations in your targeted goals.

-- 02 Nov 2017, 06:55 --

careeer is the good choice to success in life.

-- 02 Nov 2017, 06:56 --

careeer is the good choice to success in life.

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Post by MaryIamMueni » 02 Nov 2017, 07:39

My career comes first.Who knows that I might find love in my career?

-- 02 Nov 2017, 07:40 --

My career comes first.Who knows that I might find love in my career?

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Post by oceanblue » 02 Nov 2017, 09:11

I think I'd choose career over love. Love is wonderful, but it can't buy food or put a roof over your head. If I'm lucky to have both at once, then great, but if not, then love will come in second.

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Post by powergirl » 02 Nov 2017, 09:38

I always say that my career pass before love and i would not change this aspect of me.The man who loves me should understand me if he want me to stay with me.I had ever met this choice and i chose my career and i did not regret because now i have success and i can enjoy it with my husband.
"To be or not to be that's the question" William Shakespeare

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Post by abdul2792123 » 02 Nov 2017, 10:12

I have to really love someone more than anything for me to choose them over my career.

-- 02 Nov 2017, 10:13 --

Definitely I will choose my love over my occupation, but this is a puzzling question..

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Post by Cheshire » 05 Nov 2017, 01:38

I'm totally not a romantic person. Not at all. So I would definitely choose career over love. I value my work more than the things that I could think of. Heck, I even place work first over myself, to be honest.

As people would say, you have to love yourself first before you love someone. I think that is somehow true.

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Post by Crystalvanessa » 05 Nov 2017, 10:29

I will go for career. and if the person really loves me,he would support me and maybe we can arrange some long distance relationship.
But dreams always come first.

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Post by okayode » 05 Nov 2017, 21:26

If you don't build a career first, Better forget about love cos such love will not last

-- 05 Nov 2017, 21:30 --
Nomzamo Nawodya wrote:Love and love definitely,I mean there is no career without love in the first place besides I love him to the moon to even choose.
Generally, ladies will see it this way. But do u think a man will choose to love at the detriment of his career??
If he does, how will he sustain the union without a reasonable career?

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Post by thisisfinal213 » 07 Nov 2017, 09:46

That is really difficult choice. Both of them are important but I think love is more important, so that is it

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