Yasser or Miriam?

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Re: Yasser or Miriam?

Post by inaramid » 15 Dec 2017, 02:35

Yasser was a weak character. He didn't have any redeeming qualities at all, and the fact that we were seeing Miriam from his point of view did no favors for Miriam as well.

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Post by Scrawling Pen » 14 Jan 2018, 13:43

I would not choose either character. To start with, Yasser is telling the story, so there is obviously some narrator bias. We have no idea what is going through the head of Miriam. Both characters have their own issues and flaws, and both characters are trapped in this relationship. It isn't one side or the other--both are to blame, but neither should carry all the blame.

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Post by ktom » 22 Feb 2018, 08:13

I am for team Yasser. Maybe because the story was being told from his point of view, but I felt he was more relatable. Miriam seemed so much colder and selfish and Yasser seemed to be more of a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. If I had to be in a relationship with one of these personalities, I would choose Yasser because he seems more open-minded and open to change. Thanks for the post! Loved the book :)
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Post by biscuits » 03 Jun 2018, 05:33

Ayosinmi wrote:
09 Jul 2017, 00:09
I prefer Yasser even though he's flawed just as most of us.
His only flaw in my opinion is that he got married to a woman all because he's intrigued by her faith.
Every other was meant to happen due to that faulty foundation.
This was really the bone of contention in their relationship. They didn't marry for the right reasons. Faith alone is not enough.

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Post by 10mile72 » 08 Jun 2018, 17:01

Oh, that's a tough one. I think the author did a good job of representing both views, although it was written mostly from Yasir's. In that sense, we mostly got his side of the story, didn't we. Having said that I related to him more. He seemed trapped by Mariam's expectations and posturing. But she was only doing what she thought she had to do. They were both victims in a way.

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Post by Jroberts602 » 08 Jun 2018, 22:09

We were only given Yaser's perspective of Mariam. I would have liked to have heard her side! He was very vocal in his complaints about her and his many disappointments. It was truly sad that they could not recall any happy memories. In situations like this one wonders how much is drawn from the authors' life experiences.

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Post by Kister Bless » 30 Jul 2018, 11:22

Neither of them. Yaser was so whiny and annoying. Mariam wasn't any better. She was bad too and a hard to please wife. They both had their shortcomings.

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Post by chelhack » 05 Aug 2018, 14:29

I support Yasser. This is because he seemed to try at making things work whereas Miriam just seemed to want to nag and constantly be in control.
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Post by r_bhavika » 28 Nov 2018, 06:32

Donnavila Marie01 wrote:
07 Jul 2017, 08:40
I don't want to choose between the two because they are both culprits and at the same time, they are victims. They are trapped in their marriage in the absence of love.
I agree a marriage of compromise doesn't really stand a chance. Love, honesty, and loyalty make marriage work, which was missing.
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