"Sex Slavery" by Voltairine de Cleyre

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Nice Story,thanks for sharing,and i love to enjoy your stories.and i am waiting for the forthcoming stories.

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Great story.I liked it a lot.Thanks for sharing this.

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Great, thank you for posting this. I'd never heard of it before, so glad you shared.

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Very great essay!

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I found it a little dramatic and even bitter at first, but I do appreciate radical writings and this was certainly radical in her time (perhaps still today), so I read on. I think she won me over with her assessment of the artificial constructs of church and sate as the root of human slavery and reduction.
A thoughtful piece, although I don't know how one can put more blame on men for being socialized as slave masters than they do on women for being conditioned as slaves; especially if one considers the man as being shackled himself.
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Sad. Sorry to say I'd never heard of the author. Perhaps I haven't missed much. The claim that the church from its infancy taught the inferiority of women is a breach of hermeneutics. Jesus and Paul did more to liberate women by historic parallel than any people or institution since.

Nonetheless, it was an educational read.

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The author wrote the essay with so much conviction and passion. It is truly interesting that after so many years some of the authors points ring true in parts of the world. Let the truth be told, still here in the US. The authors words "Blind to the facts & deaf to experience," speaks loudly, even now!! I really enjoyed the essay, but I am glad it ended. Any more would have bought me to tears!! Thanks for sharing!

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nice essay
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Thank you for posting this. I did not have the opportunity to read this before and this was a good time for me to acquaint myself with at least one of the writings of Voltairine de Cleyre.

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That was intense! I think if she were alive today she would still feel just as passionate. While some struggles have been a victory there is still a struggle.

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Post by Scott »

To be clear, the essay in the OP wasn't written by me. It was written by Voltairine de Cleyre. But I am glad you all enjoyed it!
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Thanks for sharing that. It was good.

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I had goosebumps reading the topic. ..very well written and very strong believes for a lady of that century. ..hope to read more of these...

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The essay reminded me of Susan B. Anthony. Thanks for sharing!
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Post by MarisaRose »

Wow. This essay speaks volumes. I think it's very interesting to see such a radical view point given the time period. I wonder if Voltairine's extremely radical ideas in this essay do not represent her actual feelings but are more a representation of her main point about the prevalence of sexism. Anyone else wonder if she is exaggerating her views on marriage, living together, etc. to accentuate the point that, in her (our) culture, women are made to be so reliant on men they are unable to think for themselves? Lose their individuality? Are never given the opportunity to develop individuality?

Very moving essay. Would love to reread this piece and delve further into Voltairine's meaning. :tiphat:
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