I Wander Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth

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Re: I Wander Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth

Post by rowsavtat »

This is the first time reading a poem from William Wordsworth. I love to be lonely at times and completely understand it all in this poem. I would love to read more poems by him.

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Post by Hawaii-Stitch_02 »

This was quite an interesting poem. I enjoyed reading it because it had a cool theme that I believe that many people can relate to at least once during their lifetime. I would like to see this published because I can see this poem getting somewhere. :D

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Post by ChainsawCat »

You know what would be cool, would be a list of all of the quotations of and allusions to this poem in other literature. It comes up constantly, but when I try, I cannot for the life of me remember an individual instance. Next time I come across one or remember one I'll post it here...

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Post by reignstar2149 »

A week ago I made my daughter memorize and recite this poem to me.
She is 12. She shares the same birthday as Wordsworth, and like him is the second of five children…
I didn’t know that about him till today.
The elements he used in this poem are those we take for granted when nature presents it to us.
If not, none has seen nor seek to understand or appreciate its bounty.
Stars above and thousands of flowers….not one or two but thousands.
Wander we all do as a cloud, in our all-consuming gaseous state….
And all it took was one lovely object to disperse that form and envelope that loneliness with happiness.
(Like my own daffodils here.... :D )

I like the lines:
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;

How wondrous this ‘inward' eye is!
How it left me inspire to write a great many more things that Existence is still yearning to speak to us sapiens.
Our background is personification of The Wise. Nature is for all and for all to return. Whether the individual sees it or not, the loss is not in nature but his.
I'm not in whole agreement that Romanticism could be the first of 'Green' movement as Pastoralism should have been.
I could say it was the precursor to it though, a springboard to intellect and awareness of the need for 'Greens'. :wink2:

Lead by or followed by many movements. Be it Traditional, Symbolism, Medievalism, Supernaturalism etc.
Were these the basic primary colours that has helped shaped the tools that would smother/batter or fuse the English language that we use today?
Oh Willam! how we have lost great art to illuminate the beauty of nature and self-reflection.
Yet nature remains the same in its abundant simplicity.
A good topic... thank you knightss!

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Post by SirLaddie »

This is my favorite poem since my freshman year in college and always will be. I love W.Wordsworth's poems.

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