Did you finish Superhighway?

Discuss the June 2017 Book of the Month, Superhighway by Alex Fayman. Superhighway is the first book in the Superhighway Trilogy, so feel free to use this forum to discuss not only the first book but also the other books in the series.

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Did you finish Superhighway?

I finished it.
I did not start it.
I started it and plan on finishing it.
I started it, but do not plan on finishing it.
Total votes: 58

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Re: Did you finish Superhighway?

Post by Maulyne » 28 Aug 2017, 21:27

I have not started reading but hope will begin soon once I finish reading my current book

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Post by Cloe101 » 01 Oct 2017, 09:13

I plan on starting it very soon.
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Post by Kitkat3 » 04 Oct 2017, 19:34

I started reading it super late haha, but it just really isn't holding my attention, so I've decided not to finish it. I'm starting on other books of the month instead.

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Post by David_92 » 15 Dec 2017, 07:50

I started it. Read it. Finished Reading . Enjoyed the book. I will recommend it too. It opened up my world of imagination.
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Post by Paul78 » 15 Dec 2017, 23:29

I finished the book and wish to revisit. The book is interesting. I like the way the story is developed.
I wouldn't mind if a second edition or series is written.
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Post by heartsmallow » 27 Jan 2018, 22:50

I finished reading Superhighway 3 days ago and I intentionally had to wait 3 days to write something about it. I did not write a public review though but if anyone plans on reading this, do not start with Chapter 1 :D

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Post by cristinaro » 21 Feb 2018, 07:31

I am actually interested in reading part two and three as well to see how the author sees fit to develop his main character.
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Post by Samy Lax » 21 Feb 2018, 07:36

Tried downloading it, but it threw an error. So, I guess I will have to skip this one, unfortunately.
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Post by kfwilson6 » 12 Mar 2018, 08:57

I finished and wrote a review (I'd love if you all would check it out). I really enjoyed it. I thought it was quite a unique concept and liked Alex. I highly recommend it and am about to start the second book in the trilogy.

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Post by mamalui » 19 Mar 2018, 08:26

I'm currently reading and I intend to finish.
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Post by VictoriaMcMillen » 21 Mar 2018, 14:57

I did finish the book and write a review. I thought it was spectacular and plan to read the next one very soon!
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Post by trajoe1206 » 27 May 2018, 22:24

I have just finished reading it and am in the middle of my review

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Post by holsam_87 » 28 May 2018, 16:38

hsimone wrote:
04 Jun 2017, 12:41
As we begin to discuss Superhighway, I'm curious of where people are in their reading. :)
  • Have people finished?
    Are people planning to finish? If not, why is that?
I finished the book. It was a bit different from what I normally read, but I found it very enjoyable.
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Post by dgallois » 29 May 2018, 20:16

I am about a year late for this topic but I did finish it. It was a book I chose to review. I actually enjoyed it.
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Post by Jgideon » 07 Jun 2018, 23:51

I am currently reading the book and I plan on finishing it.

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