Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

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Re: Do you prefer reading or watching Sci-Fi?

Post by Vitadolce » 04 Jul 2017, 18:23

I like both. Each is a different type of experience

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Post by Lyra » 06 Jul 2017, 03:41

This is mostly a toss between both. A well written and highly descriptive sci-fi fantasy novel could be preferable over watching its film version, as the emotional context of a well-described scenario could be lost in the visuals of a film. However, if the narrative suffers from the grand visual imagery it is trying to encapsulate for the readers, a film version would be preferable to express the magnificence of what the writer or author is trying to convey.

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Post by Dh_ » 06 Jul 2017, 11:58

I like reading and watching sci-fi. I would say reading, but sometimes the technology described can be hard to picture or understand, and in the movie you can actually see it. Still, books give you more creative freedom and it's fun to try to picture it in your mind.

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Post by Penielmike » 09 Jul 2017, 12:32

I like both because one compliments another. A combination of the two gives you a better understanding and helps in closing any gap one could have created.

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Post by Fictions Mistress » 11 Jul 2017, 11:46

Amazing question! I think it depends. When done right, sci fi is one of the most enjoyable genres to read. It's complex, but easy to understand and lose yourself in. However, it's a genre that's very easy to mess up. Done wrong and the novel becomes thoroughly unenjoyable and confusing. And quite frankly, the same goes for films. I find that many sci fi stories get too caught up in the effects, aliens, or weaponry. The heart of a good story are good characters. Without that, the rest just feels empty.

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Post by CZCampbell » 11 Jul 2017, 12:02

While I enjoy a good sci-fi movie, I feel that reading a sci-fi story allows me to create the scenes in my head so that they make more sense and are more appealing to me.

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Post by Darakhshan Nazir » 15 Jul 2017, 06:11

When it comes to Sci-Fi, I prefer watching rather than reading.
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Post by magicquill » 17 Jul 2017, 17:09

Actually it depends on the topic or the plot. Sometimes it is good in watching it and sometimes it's much better in reading it. It's really hard to decide and there are instances wherein both proved to be good.

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Post by livcormwidd » 17 Jul 2017, 20:33

I would say it really depends for me, if the show or film etc. really captures the essence of what I love about the book and it can be guaranteed that it will be well acted, high quality piece then I would say I would prefer watching. However that doesn't always happen. As we saw with Syfy's Dune (poor Frank Herbert), although this could be unfair as the TV mini series really was the best adaption of a bad bunch, it is a difficult task to undertake translating in-depth worlds onto the screen. Ultimately I love to read Sci-Fi and would love to see a lot of my favourites depicted on TV or film, I would not want what I had imagined a world to look like to be radically changed, so maybe I should stick to reading them?

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Post by Yashasvi » 18 Jul 2017, 02:13

In Sci-Fi, I feel reading is lot more preferable to watching. I feel the reason is that what the author's words and your imagination can conjure up are far far more vivid than what a movie can come up with. Case in point would be my belief that the Honor Harrington would be next to impossible to get right in a movie.

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Post by domiciano16 » 18 Jul 2017, 03:02

i think reading is more interesting because it brings out the writers creativity

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Steve Cotterill
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Post by Steve Cotterill » 19 Jul 2017, 11:46

Reading because the author can do so much more than a TV producer. It's much easier to write compelling SF than it to make it for TV because the special effects are better and a book is always a one to one conversation rather than a public lecture (to paraphrase Warren Ellis).

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Post by El-kanah » 19 Jul 2017, 13:56

I also like reading it, depending on how creative the writer is.

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Post by Georgialouise » 20 Jul 2017, 10:03

I think it depends on the Sci-Fi... I love reading Arthur C. Clarke as he explains things in such a way that you can actually see them and you get a wonderful understanding of the story he is telling. For Sci-Fi movies such as Star Wars, the visual effects are great to watch and I find that they are really enjoyable.

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Post by Quirinius » 20 Jul 2017, 10:17

I prefer both because the information is not altered. Thanks for that.

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