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Miriam Molina
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Re: Computer Stories

Post by Miriam Molina » 10 Feb 2018, 18:49

Mailis wrote:
10 Feb 2018, 04:13
Oh the dial-up tune is forever ingrained on my brain. You just had to sit there for 15 minutes twiddling your thumbs and praying to internet gods that connection was finally established. It usually was slower that dead snail and you downloaded one picture again for 15 minutes or more and well if you wanted to print one out, it was guaranteed cruel entertainment for at least an hour.
Yes, those were fun times! Millennials will call us Jurassic, lol.

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Post by desantismt_17 » 06 Apr 2018, 13:17

I was a kid right when home computers were becoming commonplace. In a Where in Time is Carmen San Diego computer game I had, a case involving launching one of the first ships into space had me organizing cards in the proper order. It was just a game, and there were no consequences. Still, I felt the pressure and am glad I never had to opperate a computer that way.

Now, much of my work requires the use of a computer, but I make it a point to get away from the screen for a bit every day.
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Post by VictoriaMcMillen » 08 Apr 2018, 12:26

I remember as a child having an old dinosaur that ran off of MS-DOS software. The screen was black, the letters lit up across the screen as a block cursor flashed your position. It had a King-Kong game that you played with the arrow buttons on the keyboard. I remember the only thing to do was typing or play that game. I am sure adults, at the time, could have done more... It had an old printer with reams connected by perforations, and holed edges on each side.

Later we upgrade, had Windows 3.0 and AOL Online after awhile... now look at where we are... can't even really say we are going "off-line"... :)
~Victoria M.L. McMillen

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Post by charmaineperit » 28 Apr 2018, 01:21

At first, computers for me are overwhelming to use. Especially when exploring in the internet, it's hard to know which way to go. But because of years of experience, it became an easy hobby surfing the internet.

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Post by trajoe1206 » 27 May 2018, 22:21

I remember when we first got computers at work. What a big change. Change was good until the computer went down and then you had to go back to the old, long way

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Post by holsam_87 » 28 May 2018, 16:43

EMoffat wrote:
01 Jun 2017, 19:55
I remember our computer internet being shared with the phone line. We were only allowed to use it at specific times and got kicked off when someone rang the house (which was a lot more often because there was no mobile phones).
We didn't get the internet until I was in high school. I do remember that a friend of mine had dial-up internet when I was 10. I'm just glad that things have advanced so much.
Samantha Holtsclaw

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Post by Jgideon » 08 Jun 2018, 00:02

I did not get to see/use a computer until I got to high school. The journey of learning about them and using them was fun. I bought my first computer while at the University and it was the most helpful thing I had back then. However, I have decided never to get addicted to using computers especially social media sites such as Facebook. I love everything else that computers offer.

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