What Super Ability Would You Possess?

Discuss the June 2017 Book of the Month, Superhighway by Alex Fayman. Superhighway is the first book in the Superhighway Trilogy, so feel free to use this forum to discuss not only the first book but also the other books in the series.

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Re: What Super Ability Would You Possess?

Post by Jonesy » 29 Jun 2017, 09:29

My son always asks me that question in hopes that my answer will change. I've always wanted the ability to flash anywhere in the world.

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Post by jamesabr » 30 Jun 2017, 04:25

If I had a super ability, it would be the ability to sprout money in front of me. I'm pretty broke right now! :roll2: :lol2:

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Post by TheRavensWoods » 01 Jul 2017, 15:54

I would want to be able to have invisibility and telekinesis.

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Post by Emmaky » 01 Jul 2017, 19:44

I would like to read peoples thoughts so as to surround myself with genuine friends. I hate hypocrites.

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Post by Juz Ongtangco » 02 Jul 2017, 01:18

Oh how I love to have the ability to master all the languages! Knowledge, skills, experiences, and stories - these are all open for me to explore if I can communicate with anyone.

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Post by joshfender » 02 Jul 2017, 01:36

I would want the ability to memorize anything instantly. Imagine how fast you would be able to learn a new language, or how much knowledge you can gain in a short time.

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Post by Chitopogi » 02 Jul 2017, 01:59

I would like to have the ability to travel back in time into the past and also into the future in order to help attain world peace and affluency.

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Post by Tigerlily32313 » 03 Jul 2017, 09:25

I love all of the unique responses to this question! I have always wanted the ability to fly.

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Post by desareedany » 03 Jul 2017, 16:25

I always wanted to fly. When I was a kid I used to pretend to make fairy dust from peter pan from cotton balls and glitter. I'd put them in this suitcase I had and dump it over me or my sister's head then we'd pretend we could fly.

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Post by kittymamamau » 03 Jul 2017, 16:37

I love your idea of going inside books! That is a great ability. I think I would choose that over any other. Commonly chosen abilities like mind reading can get in the way of the realities of life. Hopping inside a story, however, would be a great escape!

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Post by tizmjc » 03 Jul 2017, 16:44

speed.i want to be super fast.its just cool

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Post by Lus » 04 Jul 2017, 01:42

Amagine wrote:Alex has a super ability to travel through the internet and computers.

If you could possess a super ability, what would it be? What would you do with your ability?

If it were me, I would want the ability to travel inside any book that I open. I would just use the ability to hang out and chat with all of my favorite characters! :D

I would like to have an ability of time travelling or teleportation. It would allow me visit any place within seconds :) Ah.. if only

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Post by Penielmike » 09 Jul 2017, 12:57

Just like Alex, I have a super ability to travel through the internet and computers for several hours a day. I would want my super ability re-channeled into travelling through the pages of books everyday. This has been my desire I must greatly appreciate anyone who can couch me into its reality.

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Post by 22kcox » 10 Jul 2017, 08:46

I would love the ability to travel back and forth in time as well as teleport. With those to powers together, I could experience the every story that has ever happened in the world. I could be a soldier in the civil war one minute and then the next minute partying it up at The Beatles concert. the possibilities would be endless!

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Post by Londera » 10 Jul 2017, 13:50

Having the ability to go in and out of any books as I pleased would definitely be amazing. I think I would like the ability to materialize anything I wanted into reality.Without the law of equal exchange, of course.

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