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May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

May 2017 is a Free Choice Month

Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#16 by LKCooper
» 22 May 2017, 10:05

I'm all over the place. Is anyone else?? I like Mystery and Legal (ie-Grisham's The Firm, still one of my favorties), I love sci-fi/fantasy (ie-Dragon Riders of Pern and Dune...yes, I'm showing my age), I love contemporary and romance, (Just read Breaking Sandcastles before the holidays and for a debut novel, it was so well done), I'm actually going back now and reading the original Sherlock Holmes works, and trying to read new material like Sisters, One, Two, Three and The Atlantis Gene.

Anyone else hop genres constantly or am I alone? :?:
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Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#17 by southspain
» 24 May 2017, 05:59

Noir fiction I'd say. Never liked fantasy...
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Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#18 by Gravy
» 25 May 2017, 00:57

Before joining here, I probably would have answered with urban fantasy, but my reading has become just about as eclectic as the rest of my tastes.
My reading so far this year has mostly consisted of YA, but I'm engrossed in the first Game of Thrones right now.
Memoirs never stop calling me, I'm probably going to start a thriller soon, and I'm fighting myself on starting a science book, because I know how much of my time it will take. I'll probably lose that battle soon. :lol:
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Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#19 by jemgirl202
» 29 May 2017, 18:22

It is hard to choose one favorite. But I do love historical fiction and classic literature.
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Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#20 by shish_by_design
» 02 Jun 2017, 15:53

there's something about historical novels that keeps me glued to a book till am done with it, granted its a few pages only.i dont know why but the bodice-ripping always gets my fancy.and i've also found out that am partial to young/new adults, granted its well-written
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Re: May 2017-What's your favorite genre?

Post Number:#21 by Mallory Whitaker
» 08 Aug 2017, 11:47

Fantasy and 'whodunits'. I like a lot of YA too.
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