Do you still read books belonging to the children's genre?

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Re: Do you still read books belonging to the children's genr

Post by Kinnera » 20 Jul 2017, 01:47

I do, quite a bit really. Re-read books I like, re-read them with my sister. It's a genre I intend to fully enjoy forever.

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Ikechukwu Echebiri
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Post by Ikechukwu Echebiri » 20 Jul 2017, 15:10

Yes, I do read books belonging to the children's genre, largely because I'm a writer, so it helps me to appreciate the genre and how works in the category are plotted by other authors. Again, I have little children, and from time to time I connect with them through these books.

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Post by EmSwan » 21 Jul 2017, 08:24

The last time I read a children's book was a complete accident, I just picked it up in the library, got home, and realized it was aimed at about 11 year olds! Despite this I read it, and it was such a fun, easy read! Sometimes it's nice to read something a little lighthearted and childish, almost like a form of escapism back to being a child again.
I would also never say no to reading one of the Jiggy McCue books!

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Post by MoseyProse » 21 Jul 2017, 08:40

Jiggy McCue is awesome! I haven't read those books in ages!

There are some fantastic children's books. I especially like horror books aimed at kids, like Goosebumps, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Short but Shocking.

I also love The Horrorwitz Horror a series and Darren Shan Saga, but I think those are more aimed at teenagers. I can't get enough of them though and I'm basically an adult!

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Post by Literati » 21 Jul 2017, 14:29

Young adult fiction is the genre I read the most since they're quick and easy to devour! I know there's some debate about fairy tales possibly being more appropriate for adults, but I never get tired of reading the Grimm Brothers. I like exploring the psychology associated with fairy tales as well for a way to better understand yourself. I'll add that adult fairy tales, such as authors like Neil Gaiman have written, are a great way for me to re-visit my childhood through an adult lens.
Great question!

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Post by EDDY OKOTH » 21 Jul 2017, 16:05

yes i like because my kid is growing and must be prepared to tell her good stories

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Post by jaliper » 22 Jul 2017, 02:34

I still do! Not because I have a daughter. I just realized that you should never stop reading children's book because one day, you'd need to share the moral of it to your kids. And sometimes, if you want your kid to be like you, a book lover, you should start with small steps.

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Post by Cheeky » 22 Jul 2017, 12:53

There are some really great kids novels out there, I would have to say yes. the litle red riding hood is a clasic.and I can't help but be being time lifted back to a better place and time.

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Post by Kelly00 » 22 Jul 2017, 13:39

My granddaughter reads occasionally, and I will read the book when she is done. I like to know what she's reading, what she's interested in, and it gives us something to discuss in depth.

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Post by ananya92 » 23 Jul 2017, 01:18

For sure, and without any embarrassment! I won't put Harry Potter in this category, because this series is much more than that. I pick up an Enid Blyton occasionally, or some other book, because it's nice to keep the child/teen alive in us. Also, I'm quite fond of the YA genre.

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Post by raizenagallo » 23 Jul 2017, 02:56

I still find children's books entertaining since they are meant to spark and ignite a child's imagination. I also like to overanalyze children's books and give it deeper meanings in my head.

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Post by michiness » 23 Jul 2017, 11:39

Occasionally. I do still read a good bit of YA novels, especially.

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Post by juralyn » 23 Jul 2017, 14:00

yes i still read sometimes when im bored.

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Post by kislany » 25 Jul 2017, 02:34

I do. Maybe not as often as before, but I still do. There is something endearing and charming in books for children, something that adults often lose sight of.

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Post by JonB03 » 25 Jul 2017, 23:13

Nostalgia is usually a great feeling for me. I had a great childhood with great family and friends. Growing up, I read some stories and was told of awesome stories during bedtime.

In answer to that question, I still read children's books like goosebumps and most of all, Animorphs. I read the entire series and even the fan made one that made a good ending of the series.

I still want to read more children's book. Right now, I am reading Narnia, the silver chair.

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