What is your place of comfort?

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Re: What is your place of comfort?

Post by raikyuu » 03 Jul 2017, 08:21

My place of comfort is anything but "outside," that's the case for my city life. But for real, my place of comfort is my daydream land, where I can get to be anything and not feel bad about it.

Eventually, I need to go outside to eat.
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Post by desareedany » 03 Jul 2017, 16:16

I have turned my fenced in patio into a little garden. I hung wood and metal containers on the fence all the way around, hanging at various lengths and with various color flowers in them. I added a few metal decorative pieces to the fence and a wind chime from the ceiling of the covered part and now I have my own little oasis to sit outside and read books on nice days.
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Post by AnGeLeeKrisTin » 04 Jul 2017, 01:47

Home. There's no place like home. And being surrounded by people you love that is very comforting.

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Post by Papercut » 06 Jul 2017, 04:45

I like to be alone. Anywhere is fine I guess. Likes to be at home; I'm most comfortable in my room.

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Post by Manali_DC » 08 Jul 2017, 04:10

The most comfortable place has to be my bedroom at home!! Outside of home-- libraries are always places where I am very very comfortable.

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Post by Naval Aulakh » 08 Jul 2017, 11:12

I always get relaxed when I am surrounded by nature. So my place of comfort is where there are beautiful trees and flowers.
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Post by Kinnera » 15 Jul 2017, 06:17

I have this little nook in the bay window of my room behind the swath of curtains. I huddle up in there with a blanket and a cup of hot-anything. That's more comfort than anything in the world to me.
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Post by Harrygx3 » 15 Jul 2017, 14:20

My comfort place is my bedroom, backyard and in front of my laptop. These places bring me almost full isolation and i can think things clearer and relax completely.

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Post by Ljessup » 15 Jul 2017, 16:01

My comfort place is definitely when I am reading a really captivating book. A book to where I can become part of the world it is talking about and that is just impossible to put down. I can be anywhere with said book, but as long as I have it I feel like I can carry my comfort place around with me and escape to it whenever I want!
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Post by ritah » 19 Jul 2017, 11:35

Home with family or alone in my bedroom...really depends on mood.

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Post by michiness » 23 Jul 2017, 11:41

Home, especially wrapped up in bed. A baseball stadium. Out in nature.
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Post by El-kanah » 23 Jul 2017, 11:56

Talking about place of comfort, anywhere quiet where I can think of my past life, present and the future, especially under a moonlit night is okay by me.
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Post by jeminah28 » 24 Jul 2017, 09:22

Bedroom is common where we can cry, cheering up our selves, talk to the mirror, smile and after a while we sleep. My place of comfort is in the garden where I can see different style of leaves, and bright colors of the flowers. Seeing that, Im at ease and got reminded that I am more than a plant. God really cares when everything goes down.
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Post by bookiegalke » 27 Jul 2017, 09:16

My place of comfort is my office. It's where I do my meditation and sometimes have a nap

-- 27 Jul 2017, 09:18 --

My place of comfort is my office. It's where I do my meditation and sometimes have a nap
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Post by FireFairy » 27 Jul 2017, 11:25

I love being in any big libraries or used bookstores that I can get lost in. Between the smell of books, the silence, and the absence of people it's a very comforting place to be. Can you tell I'm anti-social lol?

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