What objects would you bring with you?

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What objects would you bring with you?

Post by ashley_claire » 02 Mar 2017, 09:14

Kirsten chooses to keep two objects from her past and take them with her everywhere she goes. The comic and paperweight have no value to anyone else, but they remind her of a significant time in her life. What objects would you choose to travel with if you were part of the Symphony?

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Post by kandscreeley » 03 Mar 2017, 15:59

That's a really tough one. A family picture and my bible.
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Post by JessieMarie84 » 06 Mar 2017, 14:09

I've been trying to figure this one out because there would be so many things that I would want to take with me but deep down if I can only take two items with me that remind me of the past, then I would take a picture of me and my kids that would have my best friend and her kids in it as well, I know I have one, and I think my bow and that I would take for protection other than reminding me of my past.

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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook » 11 Mar 2017, 17:20

I have no idea what I would choose. Pictures of my family would be the likely only keepsakes. Everything else would be necessities - food, hygiene products, clothing, shoes, etc.

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Post by meagahagan71 » 11 Mar 2017, 18:41

That is a really hard question but I think the two things I would bring with me are a family picture and a old book.

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Post by michelonline29 » 13 Mar 2017, 00:34

I would probably bring a knife and a bible. The knife is for survival purposes. It would be handy in many situations. The bible, on the other hand, is for my spiritual strengthening. I know it would be a difficult journey, so having it with me will guide me in my journey.

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Post by Scerakor » 14 Mar 2017, 10:50

I'm on the same page as many of the other commenters here. If I am assuming that I am with a large group who has a lot of the basic amenities (capability to make fire, boil water, hunt, etc) then I can forget the basic "survival" needs. That in mind, I would want something relatively light. For these reasons I think that it would have to be a multi-tool/Gerber type contraption as well as something to keep me amused as long as I can: a long complicated convoluted book does come to mind but I would worry about the weight.

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Post by ashley_claire » 14 Mar 2017, 11:33

Objects that I would take with me just for the purpose of having them as keepsakes would be a picture of my family like others have mentioned, and a note that my husband wrote me 10 years ago that I still have and use frequently as a bookmark.

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Post by breyfoglese » 15 Mar 2017, 01:58

Two letters - one from my boyfriend when he was studying abroad, and one from my best friend from the summer I met him (again, assuming survival needs are met). They're lightweight, which is probably good, but something about handwritten letters is just incredibly genuine. There's a tangible quality to feeling the grooves in the paper or tracing the shape of letters that makes me feel more connected to the person than even a photograph.

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Post by Wahu lucy » 15 Mar 2017, 03:32

This is a difficult question but if i had to pick two Objects that remind me of my last i would carry a photograph of my family and a Diary since i scribble alot of stuff in my diary that would keep me motivated and at the same time reading through any kind of material would make me alert and ready to take on any kind of danger.

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Post by Elaine5 » 15 Mar 2017, 06:08

Tough question. I think, like many others, I would bring a picture of family. I don't typically attach meaning to objects so I can't think of an item that I would want to have with me as a memory of the past. Maybe a piece of clothing that belonged to a loved one.

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Post by gali » 15 Mar 2017, 23:54

Pictures of my family and a book.
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Post by greenstripedgiraffe » 16 Mar 2017, 09:22

It would have to be a Bible and then a photo album.
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Post by Jasmine M Wardiya » 17 Mar 2017, 03:05

A family photo definitely... For the other, an old notebook/journal or one of my favourite novels... Probably the notebook. It'd be too hard to pick one novel.

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Post by Owonikoko Olushola » 17 Mar 2017, 07:20

That would definitely be my family picture and my diary

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