Featured Official Review: Big Flies by Keith Hirshland

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Re: Featured Official Review: Big Flies by Keith Hirshland

Post by Sarah_Khan » 03 Nov 2016, 11:00

Great job on the review! This book sounds awesome! I love mystery/thriller novels and I like the fact that it is based on true events, sounds like a must-read to me! :D

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Post by chocomeiske » 03 Nov 2016, 11:09

Great detailed review. I have this on my TBR and I'm inspired even more to read it now. It sounds quite different than a run of the mill mystery and I can't wait to see what I make of it.

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Post by AA1495 » 03 Nov 2016, 11:29

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the book. Thank You for the great review!

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Post by Rachel1019 » 03 Nov 2016, 12:39

The review is wonderful! And it absolutely makes the book sound interesting. This sounds like it would be an amazing book. So excited that this is book of the day and that I can read some of this amazing book.

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Post by Celticlady » 03 Nov 2016, 13:19

Sounds like an interesting book! Thank you for the detailed review!

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Post by ebeth » 03 Nov 2016, 13:28

Thanks for the great review. It doesn't sound like something I would read but then again I surprise myself sometimes and might find me reading it after all.

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Post by chrisann2780 » 03 Nov 2016, 13:33

Good review. It convinced me that you can't judge a book by its title as well as judging its cover. Thanks for giving the low down.

-- 03 Nov 2016, 14:34 --

Good review. It convinced me that you can't judge a book by its title as well as judging its cover. Thanks for giving the low down.

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Post by Vermont Reviews » 03 Nov 2016, 14:30

Awesome job on the review. This was a great choice for today's book of the day.
Vermont Reviews

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Post by MandalynnJDG » 03 Nov 2016, 14:44

Thanks for the review. I like the fact that you looked into the heists in the book. I really enjoy it when authors can write about crimes that were publicized and have them as accurate portrayals.

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Post by athenatria » 03 Nov 2016, 15:01

"Although a work of fiction, this book was inspired by actual high-profile crimes that took place in the 1970s and 80s."

Wow. I gotta read this! Thanks for the awesome review! :)

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Post by romantics » 03 Nov 2016, 15:25

Lovely review! This seems like a really interesting book.

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Post by LivreAmour217 » 03 Nov 2016, 15:26

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback! I am delighted that this book was chosen for BOTD, and I hope that everyone enjoys it :)
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Post by Esies98 » 03 Nov 2016, 15:27

This is the kind of mysteries i love, the plot, the characters, the story seems great, thank you for letting us know about this book with your review. -Simon

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Post by Strangerthanfiction » 03 Nov 2016, 15:34

Terrific review! This book definitely sounds like a boom that I need to read. I love true crime, and even though this is fiction, the way that you've described it being inspired by true crimes, add in the mystery, and intrigue and top it off with a psychological driving force. I can't think of a book that I'd like to read more right now. Thank you so much for sharing!

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Post by Gravy » 03 Nov 2016, 15:41

I find the use of actual events very interesting.
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