Are Banshees real?

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Re: Are Banshees real?

Post by greenstripedgiraffe »

Flowergirl wrote:I don't have any experience with a banshee. However, I come from a family that has many stories with other supernatural beings. Whether these were just stories or they are real, I can assure you it was a lot of fun listening to them. My grandfather told me a story once about a supernatural encounter, but I could see it in hi eyes, facial expression that he believed it was real, so that is good enough for me. Maybe there are things we can't explain, I know I have had my fair share of these "unexplainable things"….who knows….
a lot of fun listening, and then hoping you go to sleep that night! :D
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Post by amysuedew »

I had to google what a banshee was. ha but I have never had an experience with a banshee or believe in them. I do believe animals can sense death as a few others have stated.

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Post by cvega93 »

Mythology of these creatures has been shared and studied for decades and most people who give you the typical 'no' answer, but in my opinion, anything is possible.
Have I ever came across one? No.
Would I want to meet one if they are? Hell yes. (Well, maybe. It depends.)
Do I really believe they exist? I think there's possibilities that lie around their existence.

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Post by Leparda »

I really have split feelings about supernatural beings. I don't think banshees are real thought, but maybe I think that way because i don't encounter many stories tied with it?

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Post by James Craft »

I hope they aren't real. They scare the heck out of me, lol! They are interesting because they invoke fear the way other things can't, and I think it has to do with the way sound can really scare people.
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Post by Lady Countryrose »

Believe it or not but banshees are a Water Spirit. Ghosts of people who died near water. At least that was what I was told about Irish legends. From the stories I have heard, they don't cause death. They warn that death is near. Do I believe in them, I really don't know. Then again, there are forces within our world that we don't know about.

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Post by ZenaLei7 »

I don't believe in banshees but I do believe in ghosts.
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Post by Jax14 »

Probably not in the form that legends claim, but more in a warning noise from nature? I'll let you know if I meet one!

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Post by Toria Mason »

I can't really say that I believe in such things in the Hollywood sense, but I feel like there are many things in this world that are magical and mystical and mysterious, and I wonder if these things don't have their origins in something real - albeit less theatrical.
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Post by ananya92 »

There are so many unnatural incidences which occur in life, that science can't explain. Though I've never had any personal experience, I'm not a non-believer either. What's the harm in believing that banshees exist? :wink:

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Post by kislany »

I do believe in spirits and guardian angels, but banshees, gosh I hope those are not real...But then again if there is a heaven, there must be a hell as well...

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Post by Magickangel102 »

I have not ever heard a banshee personally, but I have come across things enough to fully beleive in spiritual and paranormal things. Just because you don't see it or beleive in it does not make them any less real. My grandmother had a poltergeist in her home more specifically in her kitchen, she called it the kitchen devil. I used to think she was crazy untill I was given a reason to beleive it. My ex-step father's dad (considered him to be my grandpa sorta) is retired professor of religion. He is a very eccentric man and with him or in his home I've been given alot of incentive to beleive in spirits. My daughter when she wasn't even two years of age, probably just over a year actually, saw something there in his home. The experience was intense and even though no one can say what she saw or felt the details we observed left no doubt in the 3 adults that were there's mind that she encountered something "otherworldly".

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Post by eelavahs-jay »

Such a thing doesn't exist at all. Banshees remind me of sirens and those are fictional as well.

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Post by Bluecobia »

I would like to believe in supernatural beings but, I have yet to run across any.
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Post by Anjum »

I don't know. I have never experienced anything like that. I wonder if they are actually real!
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