Review by kimmyschemy06 -- Spyder Bones by Oliver Phipps

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Review by kimmyschemy06 -- Spyder Bones by Oliver Phipps

Post by kimmyschemy06 » 18 Jan 2019, 03:00

[Following is a volunteer review of "Spyder Bones" by Oliver Phipps.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Spyder Bones is an exciting and a thrilling fantasy novel written by Oliver Phipps.

It is the summer of 1969 and former cavalryman Aaron Prescott returns to Vietnam as a medic. When not in the line of fire, Aaron, also called Spyder Bones, plays bass guitar and spends his time with his Vietnamese girlfriend. It is a simple and uncomplicated existence until Aaron suffers a near-death-experience in the line of fire.

He crosses the plane of existence and finds himself between the physical world and the second realm, an isolated area on the edge of the spiritual realm where another war is going on, the war between good and evil.

Aaron has to choose between returning to his world and what’s left of his life and becoming a mystic warrior and combat evil that most men don’t understand or believe exists.

Told in the third-person perspective, this is an exciting and thrilling book with fourteen chapters. It is about the war between good and evil and features not only guardians and soldiers of light, but also death wraiths, fallen angels, vampires, and lycanthrope.

Though the theme is a bit commonplace, the plot is totally enthralling. It is very unpredictable with surprising action-filled confrontation scenes and unexpected turns of events that culminate into a satisfying ending. Moreover, though Spyder is the ultimate protagonist with his Latin and Aramaic incantations and ability to perceive auras, it is Sonya who surprises me the most. She is sweet, loyal, and brave. Initially, she strikes me as a cheap hooker looking for someone to rip-off, but eventually, she proves herself to be much more than that, and despite everything she sees and knows about Spyder, she still sticks by his side no matter what.

The part I like most about the book is the description of Spyder’s demeanor. He is simple, quiet, and patient. He is steadfast in the choice he has made and faithful in his task. He never falters nor wavers as a mystic warrior. Even in the darkest time, he proves himself devoted to the light.

Overall, this is an enjoyable book. It is exciting, thrilling, and unpredictable. However, I find some parts a little vague and in need of elaboration like the scene in Rengo’s old library and some questions left unanswered like the part about Jerry Bennett. Moreover, it seems like the author focused more on the actions scenes and less on the thoughts and emotions of the characters that it wasn’t clear how Spyder actually felt about being a mystic warrior or about the women he had relationships with. Simply put, the descriptions of Spyder’s emotions are too subtle and almost imperceptible.

Moreover, and this is the part I like least, there are too many errors within the entire book including misspelled words (check instead of cheek), typo errors (turn down and invitation instead of turn down an invitation), incorrect word usage (who’s name instead of whose name), and improper use of apostrophe (nineteen-year’s old).

I, therefore, rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It is enthralling and exciting. I recommend it to fans of mystical and urban fantasy novels.

Spyder Bones
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