Review by Ekta Kumari -- Eyes of the Predator:

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Review by Ekta Kumari -- Eyes of the Predator:

Post by Ekta Kumari » 02 Jan 2019, 18:45

[Following is a volunteer review of "Eyes of the Predator:" by Glenn Trust.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Eyes of the Predator is a gripping crime thriller written by Glenn Trust. Taking the readers into the depths of victimization and terror, it goes much beyond the crime and the ordinary menacing criminals committing it. It introduces the readers to a predator who is out for blood and with his animal instincts knows when to strike.

The local community of Pickham County is devastated when the news of two murders within twelve hours broke out, first an old man and second a woman, the bodies of both of them showing signs of injuries which were inflicted for the enjoyment of the pain both the victims felt. The deputy of the Sheriff Department, George Mackey, discern that the old man and the woman were victims of the same man and he knew full well that he was not expected to catch a human, he had to catch a predator who was hunting down his victims methodically and preying on them for his self gratification. Joined by Bob Shaklee and Sharon Price of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the three of them set out to catch the predator before he goes for his third kill of an innocent girl, Lyn, who was sent away from her home by her mother due to her abusive father. Being from an abusive background, Lyn was uncertain of her future and the outside world when she stumbled upon this predator who was out for his next prey.

Eyes of the Predator paints a picture of a sociopath who is not just a sick criminal but an animal in the disguise of a human and knows his ways to stalk, attack, and feed on its prey. The author makes sure that reading the acts of victimization by this killer brings terror and fear in the hearts of the readers. The predator feeds on the fear his victims feel before slowly and painfully killing them. The character portrayal of the predator evolves as the story develops. A full chapter is dedicated for the description of him and his troubled childhood. Lacking the fatherly affection and restricted by the possessiveness of his mother, he didn't have a normal childhood and as he grew up, the isolation he felt gave him a sense of security and power. He felt freedom in solitude. Then, one day the predator within him was unleashed to hunt.

I appreciate the attention to detail the author has paid to each of the characters. Besides the predator, the author has made no mistake in painting each character's image and the background from which they came in the reader's mind. I liked the structure in which everything is arranged within the book; it is divided into 85 chapters ending with an epilogue and have sufficient character development and story build-up within it. The thrill and suspense increases in intensity as the reader advances further in the story.

This book is also not just about crime and the predator committing it, but I also admire the fact that the author has shed some light on the issues of a troubled childhood and the resulting traumatic adulthood due to that. It also focuses on the plight of women and the violence they face whether at their homes by their own husbands or fathers or outside of their homes by the predators lurking to set their claws on them.

The only thing I'm disappointed in is the editing. I think this book could use another round of professional editing as I found sufficient cases of wrong word usage, repeated words, and missing and wrong punctuations. While the mistakes do not take away the fluency of the storyline, but it does look improper to a reader's eyes.

Pertaining to its suspenseful and thrilling plot, I'm rating this book 3 out of 4 stars. I'm taking away one star because of the editing. Otherwise, I would recommend this to people who are after reading crime thrillers or suspense, but only those who can take the graphic portrayal of violence and the lewd language.

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