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Review by Amy+++ -- Chip’s World: Complex #31 and ...

Post by Amy+++ » 27 Dec 2018, 13:28

[Following is a volunteer review of "Chip’s World: Complex #31 and The Caretaker" by Thomas Hill.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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The year is 2379, our world runs on and by computer chips. We also now live underground because robots have turned against us and now they see us as a threat and are trying to kill us. Also, everyone has a computer chip implanted in their bodies to keep them healthy but too also control and track them.

Dean Haggerty is our main character, his job is to write code for (CYNATA) Cyber Network And Tech Agency, they keep a database of health chips, and they tell people when to replace them. One day CYNATA is broken into by Sprinters, people who were subject to an experimental chip to make them faster during the robot wars, steal information from Dean's computer at CYNATA and get away. The next day Dean is called into his boss's office and is told that he is being relocated to Complex #31 because he is to blame for the Sprinters getting away with the data because he saved a woman's life instead of protecting his computer. As Dean begins his job as caretaker of Complex #31, he digs deeper into who is trying to kill him. The big shots in Top Town become nervous as Dean gets closer to figuring it out, but they aren't the ones giving the orders to kill Dean, so who is? You will have to read the book to find that out. Action, kidnapping, and suspense all happen within Chip's World: Complex #31 And The Caretaker.

The book was very relatable, in today's world we do spend too much time disconnected from reality and not enough time being in the moment. If we can't stream it, or download it onto a device in the palm of our hand, then we don't care. And Dean is right when he pointed out that we are "mind-numbed" to it all. However, as much as I could relate to the book, there were a few things that bothered me. Dean is one of them. At the beginning of the book, Dean says that he worries all the time about his wife leaving him, but then a few chapters later he is confident and is flirting with someone. To me, this seemed to contradict what was stated earlier about Dean's character.

I feel that with a little more editing that the book could be great, as I found 25 errors throughout the book. I enjoyed the book, but the typos did slow me down.

As for my rating, I gave it a lot of thought, and based on what I have previously stated I am going to rate Chip's World: Complex #31 And The Caretaker, by Thomas Hill 2 out of 4 stars. I would give it a 3, but there were too many errors to ignore, also, some parts of the book moved rather slow or seemed to drag on.

As for my recommendation, I would recommend, this book to the 15, and older crowd. There are very few curse words in the book, but there is a lot of violence, because of the violence, I feel that younger children should not read this book as it goes into detail about that. However, if you enjoy reading about futuristic societies, action, and robots, then you will enjoy this book.

Chip’s World: Complex #31 and The Caretaker
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